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Badge of the National Assembly deputy



Description of honorary badge of laureate of State Award of Azerbaijan Republic 

It was approved by Decision of President of Azerbaijan Republic dated May 8, 2010
Honorary badge of laureate of State Award of Azerbaijan Republic consists of medal and mould (sketch is attached). 
The diameter of round form made of gold is 27 mm, thickness is 3 mm. 
The symbol of fire and laurel branch was described on the front side of medal. Words ““AZƏRBAYCAN RESPUBLİKASININ”  (Azerbaijan Republic”) in the back side of medal along the upper arch, and words “DÖVLƏT   MÜKAFATI LAUREATI” (Laureate of State Award), were written and the number of medal was carve don below side of medal. 
Images and writings are of salient form. 
Medal is fixed on mould by using small ring. 
The width of mould with semi round shape in the lower part (in the center) is 15   mm, and length is   27   mm.  The front side of the mould is covered with three color ribbon as State Flag of Azerbaijan Republic. 
Medal is fixed on dress with special element in the back side.

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