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Honorary Titles


Decree of President of Azerbaijan Republic on Honorary titles of Azerbaijan Republic (May 22, 1998) 
Besides honorary titles of the all-Union scale there are honorary titles in our republic on different areas, too. So, during 1928-78 years  honorary  titles like People\'s artist of  Azerbaijan SSR, People\'s writer of  Azerbaijan SSR, Honored scientific worker of Azerbaijan SSR, Honored teacher of Azerbaijan  SSR, Honored  medical staff of Azerbaijan SSR  have been established in Azerbaijan. But according to Decree of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR dated August 26, 1983, 45 honored titles have been determined. 
Many persons having great contributions to development of culture, literature and science in Azerbaijan have been honored with different honorary titles in the same years. 
No special legal document has been accepted on honorary titles after declaring Azerbaijan independence. Despite of it, giving of honorary titles of soviet time in the independent the Azerbaijan Republic had been continued in the 1991-93 years.  Just after June 24, 1993 this practice having no legal base had been stopped and no any honorary title has been given. 
In order to evaluate labor of various people gained great achievements in development of republic\'s culture, literature, science, education and medicine and in general progress of the country, and taking into account numerous appeals of various organizations, individuals I decide basing on paragraph 32 of Article 192 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic: 
1. To establish following honorary titles of Azerbaijan Republic in the areas of culture, literature, science, education, medicine, physical training and sport, journalism, engineering, state service, law and agriculture:
People\'s writer; 
People\'s poet; 
People\'s artist; 
People’s Painter; 
Honoured Scientist; 
Honored Art Worker; 
Honoured artist; 
Honoured painter; 
Honoured culture worker; 
Honoured teacher; 
Honoured doctor; 
Honoured architect; 
Honoured state employee; 
Honoured worker of physical training and sport; 
Honoured journalist; 
Honoured engineer; 
Honoured lawyer; 
Honoured agriculture worker; 
Honoured pilot. 
2. Honorary titles given to any person before the issuance of this Decree will keep its validity for its holders and are considered as honorary titles of independent the Azerbaijan Republic. 
3. To assign the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic To prepare Regulations on Honorary titles of Azerbaijan Republic and submit it to President of Azerbaijan Republic for approval and to settle all other matters derived from this Decree

Ilham Aliyev 
President of Azerbaijan Republic 

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