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Orders and medals of the Soviet period


Orders, medals and badges of Azerbaijan SSR

After decline of Azerbaijan People Republic in April 28,1920 the bolshevik authority under name of Azərbaycan İctimai Şuralar Cümhuriyyəti (Azerbaijan SSR) was established. During the first years of the Soviet power Azerbaijan was forced to adapt its state attributes to attributes of the Soviet Russia. Just immediately after establishment of the Soviet Power in Azerbaijan all orders and other signs of szar Russia had been abolished.
The first prize of the Soviet Azerbaijan was Fəxri Proletar Dosh Nishanı The honorary badge of proletarian, which was set in summer of 1920. This badge had existed till end of the 1921. The size of this badge being on oval form and made of silver and gilded, has a size of 3.5x4.5 cm and framed from both sides with leaves (from left with laurel leave symbolizing military services) and oak leaves from right, symbolizing civil services. Color mine (enamel) pulled in the down (below) of the honorary sign (emblem, betrothal) red thickly
Abbreviation of АССР”  (that is  -  Азербайджанская  Советская  Социалистическая Республика) had been carved on bottom of badge with enamel layer, and blue and yellow colored image of Earth in the mid of the badge  and red colored crescent in upwards was imaged. The digit of 1920 was written in the top part of the badge.
Words of Azərbaycan Şura Cümhuriyyəti in Arabian scripts have been written on round of the badge . Badge was made by Baku jewelers by hand. 
Prize was rewarded by the decision of Azerbaijan Revolutionary Committee. Approximately 20 persons have been rewarded with  Fəxri Proletar Doş Nişanı in 1920-1921. 
By Azerbaijan initiative of Revolution Committee order of Qırmızı bayraq have been founded in 1920. The author of sketch of this order was Ibrahim agha Vekilov and Russian Red banner order had made the base of this sketch. Size of the mad eof silver and gilded was 5 x 4,5 cm and it was framed with oak garland from  both sides. Words Bütün ölkələrin proletarları, birləşin!” in Turkic and words “Пролетарии   всех   стран,   соединяйтесь!” in Russian were written on red flag which was placed on top of the order. Red star and sickle and hammer with red enamel layer was placed in the mid of the order.   National sign of the order was crescent with red enamel layer placed in the mid of the order. Words “Azərbaycan  İctimai  Şura  Cümhuriyyəti in Arabic script was given in gravure on white enamel layer at bottom semi circle of the order. And abbreviation of  “АССР” (that is- Азербайджанская Советская Социалистическая Республика) was written in Russian in the very bottom of the order.53 persons had been rewarded with this order.

Order of Qırmızı Əmək Bayrağı (Red Labor Banner) have been founded by initiative of the Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee in June of the 1921. Order being from the silver and red colored enamel layer and gilded one has an author of sketch officer M.Vlasov. Hammer and sickle have been described by method of engraving in the centre of the order and prepared by jewelers of Baku. On the bottom of order a fragment from emblem of republic- sickle and hammer inside crescent on five pointed star had been described. 
On the band worked with enamel layer words “Bütün dünyanın  işçiləri, birləşiniz! Dünyaya hakim zəhmət olacaqdır.” in Azerbaijani language but on Arabic letters were written.
Order has been framed with golden color ear on three rows. Abbreviation name of republic AISC (Azerbaijan Ictimai Shura Sosialist Cumnhuriyyeti ) were scripted. 
On Dec 3, 1929 the Central Executive Committee had approved the statute of order “Qırmızı Əmək Bayrağı. Changes had been made in image of order that time. 
Author of the new variant of the order has been painter Beniamin Telenqater (Beno)
The new example of the order prepared from the silver and gilded, too.
There are images of factory, plant and oil wells on five star trapeze in the center of order with size of 5x 4 cm.  On the body of board the golden sickle and hammer was over-emphasized. Two crossing flags were pictured on order.  The five pointed red start inside of crescent with emblem of Azerbaijan was engraved on white enamel coating among of handles of flags.
“Bütün ölkələrin proletarları, birləşiniz!”, was written in Azerbaijani on the right flag and abbreviation name of republic ASSC (Azerbaijan Sovet Sosialist Cumnhuriyyeti ) were scripted. 
The order was encircled with grain, ear on both sides, oak leaves and at last, cotton balls in its bottom. Rewarding with Qırmızı Əmək Bayrağı (Red labor banner)” had been stopped since end of 1933. About 300 awards were given with specimen of this order of 1929

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