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The orders and medals of the period of ADR


Sketches of Orders and medals of the period of Azerbaijan Peoples Republic

After establishment of the Azerbaijan Peoples Republic in 1918 the necessity to establish the national coat of arms, flag, order and medals of the republic. Announcements of holding of competition for creation of projects of the national anthem,  state  emblem (coat of arms), seal and medals were published in the press in 1919-1920. 
On Jan 20, 1920  the decision on preparation of  projects of military orders was taken. About 100 sketches of “Mustagillik- Independence” order were presented to competition and they reflected tricolor flag, eight pointed star, crescent, sword, Azerbaijani soldier and mosque. And some part of best specimens of those sketches is stored in personal archive at State History Museum of Fatali Khan Khoyski, once a Prime Minister of Azerbaijan People Republic, in Moscow.
   Authors of the sketches were not only painters from Baku but even those who lived and worked in Tbilisi .The attention of specialists, painters and  art critics was drawn by  works of  Azim Azimzade, Alesger Tagiyev, painters of “Molla Nasreddin” magazine that lived in Tbilisi, Beniamin Telenqater (Beno), Oscar  Schmerling etc painters. These works cause great interest for the richness of its art. 
Unfortunately, the decline of Azerbaijan People Republic in Apr 28, 1920 did not allow continuing the works once started. 
In 1990 about 100 sketches of Azerbaijani orders submitted to competition were found from funds of Party Archives of Party History of Institute of Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party (Present Archive of Political Parties and public movements of Azerbaijan Republic)       
These sketches were included in album of “Symbols of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) published in Baku at “Ishiq” Publishing House in 1992 

Specimen of sketsches of “Independence orders”  




Independence order of 4th grade under motto of “Progress” (Tereqqi) 


Independence orders of  Azerbaijan Republic under the motto of “ From unity to independence and world” 

Independence orders under the motto “Yulia”  


Orders of “For peace activity”  

                                                  Orders of “For military services”


Orders of “For military services” and  “For peace activity”  


Military and civil orders under motto of  “A”

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