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Syntax of the Azerbaijani


Word-combination in Azerbaijani is divided into in two (free combination - görkəmli yazıçı and stable combination -  birləşmə-əldən düşmək)  

As per expression means of subjecting side the word-combination have been defined so: Nominal word-combination ((dəmir qapı, ağlayan uşaq, oxunacaq kitab etc.) and verbal word combination (kəndə getmək, hekayəni oxuyan, taxıl əkmək etc)
Sentence in the Azerbaijani is divided in four types for purpose and intonation:  declarative, interpretative, imperative and interjection sentences. 
There are two main (subject and predicate), three minor members (object, attribute and adverbial modifier of the sentence in the Azerbaijani.
Word row obeys to the definite order in the Azerbaijani sentences. So, each member of the sentence comes in a definite row near the other member. It can be grouped as:
Subject –predicate; 2) attribute - attributed; 3) adverbial modifier - predicate 4) adverbial modifier - attribute; 5) object – predicate etc.
For participation of members of sentences simple sentences of Azerbaijani are separated in double content, single content, wide, short and incomplete sub-types
Complex sentences of the Azerbaijani can be divided into the compound and subordinate sentence complex sentences, in two.
Composition parts of the compound sentence are linked with each other with some meaning links. These links are the following: Time, place, succession, cause and effect, elucidation, contradiction and connections.
There are two poles in the subordinate complex sentences: main and subordinate clauses. There are over 10 kinds of subordinate clauses in Azerbaijani: The Subject Subordinate Clause, The Predicative Subordinate Clause, Attribute Subordinate Clause,, The Object Subordinate Clause, The Adverbial Subordinate Clause (time, place move mode, cause and effect, quantity, term, result, opposing ).


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