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Phraselogical units are from those language means that bring expressiveness, figurativeness to the speech. Such units are called stable.  As a rule, phraselogical units are with figurative sense. For instance: ürəyi düşmək, qəlbinə toxunmaq, özündən çıxmaq, zəhləsi getmək, burnunu sallamaq etc
Phraselogical units are units equal to one word.
In general phraselogical units are whole lexical units, and included in dictionaries
1. Composition of the phraselogical units is invariable.
2. These expressions exist in the language in the ready form.
3. Words included in phraselogical units lose the primary real meaning and used only in figurative meaning.
4. Consists of two or more words.
5. Phraselogical units are whole lexical units, they are included in dictionaries.
6. Majority can be expressed with one word.
7. They are member of the sentence without being broken to composition part.

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