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About Azerbaijan


It is important for everyone who visits Baku to know the following:
Official name of the state: Azerbaijan Republic
State structure of Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan is a democratic, legal, secular and unitary republic. It is a state with a majority of ethnic Turks and Muslims. The legislative power is exercised by Milli Mejlis, the executive power – by the President and the judicial power – by the courts of Azerbaijan Republic.
State language of Azerbaijan: The state language of Republic of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani language. All documentation is carried out only in the state language. Widely used languages are English, Turkish and Russian. Presently Azerbaijani alphabet is used in Azerbaijan established basing on Latin scrpits
Location: Azerbaijan is located in the junction of Europe and Asia and south-east part of the South Caucasus. It borders on Russian Federation in the north, Islamic Republic of Iran in the south, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia in the west and through the Caspian Sea on Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the east. Azerbaijan is in latitudes 39° 24\' and 41° 54\' north and at longitudes 44° 46\' and 50° 45\' east.
Territory: 86,600 km2
Population: 9 million 165 thousands according to the statistics for 2011.
Climate of Azerbaijan: Climate of Azerbaijan is influenced by country\'s geographical location, relief and the Caspian Sea. Semi-desert and dry plain, subtropical, mild and cold climates are spread here. 9 out of 11 climatic types on the Earth are available here.
Religion in Azerbaijan: The Islam is dominating religion in the Republic of Azerbaijan. But other religious confessions also function here freely. Other main religions are Christianity and Iudaism. Majority of Christians are adherents of Russian Orthodox and Georgian Orthodox churches. Majority of Jews are Mountain Jews and Askenazi Jews.

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