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Medicinal flora of Azerbaijan



The healing properties of many plants and fruits, its use in the medicine, treatment methods (in ancient times such folk medicine was dealt by empirics) are known to people for a long time.  These methods of treatment were tested by time and still having not lost its importance in the modern age of scientific and technical progress. Even once the scientific medicine treated the folk medicine with jealousy, today has to confess its importance.
As it is known, many fruits and plants included in the flora of Azerbaijan is of medicinal importance and since ancient times people used to treat the disease by one or other of them. Plants with such characteristics are represented with 1545 kinds and it constitutes 34,3% of the total plant species included in the flora of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that this number also includes species that are introduced to local conditions brought from other places.
We present you medicinal plants and fruits most spread in Azerbaijan and widely used by folk medicine:

Oxunub: 189036