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Development of health care


The Order of the President  in connection with the provision of health services related to the development of the healthcare of the Republic of Azerbaijan (dated March 13, 1998, № 760), and the Decree (dated December 29, 1998 № 49) was signed.  According to the Order, the Commission was established for the purpose of organization and conducting of reforms in the healthcare system. With the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Regulations of the State Commission on the reform in the health sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved. Just after the changes have taken place in the development of public health. Thus, the drug is provided free of charge to children with diabetes since 2004. Thalassemia Center, equipped with modern appliances was established. 
14 hemodialysis centers were set for getting the hemodialysis sessions of patients suffering from kidney failure as state expense.  
Heydar Aliyev Foundation implemented programs The best care for children with diabetes and For life without thalassemia. Within the program The best care for children with diabetes for provision of children under of the age 14 suffering of diabetes with insulin realized. 
Rehabilitation center for children with special needs has been built. The new center in the country is made for the restoration of the health of more than 20 thousand children with special needs. 
Analytical Examination Center Medical Means under the Ministry of Health was set up. The center  controls the provision of the quality of medicines in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The evaluating the quality of medicines is carried out in laboratories of the Analytical Expertise Center. Expert Council of Pharmacology and pharmacopoeia was established in the Ministry of Health. More than 60 medical institutions have been built. 
During 2008-2015 the national strategy on reproductive health is carried out in Azerbaijan. 
Since 2007, medical services in state medical institutions are free. 
The decision to commence the work for free  cardio-surgical operations for  
children and adults was approved. 
In addition, the Cardiological surgery center for children and adults is established in the hospital named after M. Topchubashov. This center will be operating patients free of charge on the basis of queue. Traumatology and Orthopedics Center began  conducting operations of joint free of charge. 3 thousand kinds of medicine were registered. 
According to official statistics, at the moment of there are 28489 doctors and 56842 medium medical staff. 750 hospitals, 1670 policnics function in the country. The number of patient beds is 70 thousands. 
In addition to economic and social issues while implementing State Program on Poverty reduction and economic development, health reforms are an important objective as well. Aids of United Nations Children and Population Fund, UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, WHO and other international organizations operating in the field of health should be noted particularly. 
These organizations, together with the Ministry of Health  had realized the projects like The development of primary health care services, Reproductive Health and Family Medicine, Summary of the Demographic and Health in Azerbaijan, Fight against measles and German measles, Development of Emergency Assistance, Save the Children, The strengthening of health services in the regions,Statistics of child mortality up to age 5,A Definition of New ICD 10 nozological codes,Fight against tobacco,Fight against tuberculosis ,The fight against malaria,The fight against AIDS,Health reforms Educational Innovation , PHRD in Healthcare Reform. 
In addition, projects of the United Nations Food Program Fund, Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps, International Federation of Red Cross and influential non-governmental organizations and various funds are continued.
Ties with health care organizations of other countries via Foreign embassies in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan strengthened. Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the United States and other can be shown as example for it.

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