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Istisu (hot water) Fatimeyi-Zahra healing sanatorium
Istisu (hot water)) Fatimeyi-Zahra healing sanatorium is located 13 kilometers far from Masally town, at foothill of Dambalov Mountain at height of 1650 meters, in the shore of the Vilash River. It has hydrogen-sulfide, natrium-chloride calcium, magnesium-hydrocarbon in the content and 30 milligrams of iodine in each liter. Solution heated with over 60 degree comes out on surface from very deep layers of the earth, too. This solution recovers illnesses without drugs. Istisu (hot water) Fatimeyi-Zahra healing sanatorium has been licensed by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic.  

Shıkh sanatorium
Hydrogen-sulfide thermal hot water comes out in the territory from 2 thousand meters depths of the earth, which has temperature over 80 degrees. About 50 of chemical elements from Mendeleyev Table can be found in the content of this water. This curative water is used mainly during joint illnesses, chronic forms of osteoarthritis, osteochondritis, radiculitis. It is also used at arthritis, illness of nervous system and gynecological illnesses, too.

Curative Khaltan waters
Khaltan hot waters are divided into two parts by Gil-gil River. One source of the hot water in the direction of flow of the river in the left side (in the Guba territory) and in addition foot water, kidney water and eye water are located there. In the territory of the Devechi region, at right banks of Gil-gil river another source is located. 10-15 persons of the persons, who get treatment, have a bath at the same time by getting into water here. Moreover, there is foot water reaching 50 degrees of temperature under open the sky. People drinks this water and also doctors advise them to heat the water and put foot in it for curing of some illnesses, like blood pressure etc.

Naftalan leisure and health center 
Bone and muscle, periphery nerves, periphery veins illnesses, skin, gynecological illnesses are cured at the sanatorium located in the Naftalan city. Naftalan oil is famous in the world for its exclusive curative effects at treatment of nervous, gynecological, urinological and skin illnesses, as well as liver diseases, joints and soft tissues out of joint related to locomotorium.  

Nakhchivan salt fields
Salt well consists of 2 sections.
1. Ground-based section is located in Nakhchivan city in the Republican hospital named after N.Narimanov.                                               
2. Underground section is located mainly in II salt-mines, at distance of 300 from entry, in 110 meters of depth at 9 worked strips. There are rest foyers in two of them, two chambers for woman, two for males and two for children. Salt baths are used at curing of pre-asthma, bronchial asthma at I stage,  infectious-allergic and athophic form light, mid level bronchial asthma at I stage,  breathe problems at I-II stages, heart failure at I stage, chronic   bronchitis,  remission phase with asthmatic components, allergic rhinosinusopathies, pollinosis.  

Lankaran sanatoriums
Organs of locomotariums, periphery illnesses of nervous system, arthritis, pole arthritis, rheumatic and rheumatic plo-arthritis, radiculitises, and inflammation of periphery nerves – neuritis are cured in the sanatorium. 

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