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Azerbaijan Medical University
Institution of higher education in the medical profile. The preparation of highly qualified medical staff in Azerbaijan  began in November of 1919, according to the decision of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, since the establishment of Baku State University, consisting of four faculty , including of  medical faculty.
Professors, the well-known scholars I.Sirokoqorov, S. Davidenkov, F.Ilyin, L. Levin, N. Usinski, K. Malinovski, P. Rostovsev, M. Clenov and others.had a great role in establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. 
The first graduation of the Baku State University was in 1922 with 30 graduates named as honorary doctors. Among them there were two Azerbaijani woman: later doctor of sciences, professor Mrs. Adila Saxtaxtinskaya and famous doctor Mrs. Sultanova.
In early 1940, there were 3 faculties and 45 chairs. Annual student admission was 500 people. On July 1, 1940,  40 professors, 45 assistant professors, 137 assistant, 15 senior teachers, 45, teachers worked in the institute. Most of them were young Azerbaijani scientists.
On February 4, 1991, by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic Azerbaijan Medical Institute was given a status of University and since then it is known as Azerbaijan Medical University named after N. Narimanov. 
Currently, there are  142 doctors and 692 candidates of sciences in the university.

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