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Healing fruits


Improves appetite, eliminates thirst, prevents dryness in oral cavity, regulates saliva tissues, cleans face. Poultice made from cherry juice (mask) softens the facial skin. It is advised at the evening before going to sleep to make it on face, and after 30-35 minutes to wash off with warm water. In this case, the spots on the face are cleaned. Cherry and its juice normalizes blood pressure, alleviates pain in gall bladder. It has a good impact on pregnant women.

Regulates the activity of the cardiovascular system, helps to lose weight of fat people, makes the face clear, increases appetite, prevents constipation. It is recommended to eat apple with skin. Its juice prevents vomiting, regulates the blood pressure, saliva tissues, prevents dryness in oral cavity. However, apple damages tooth enamel, root of the teeth. Apple juice is recommended for pregnant women.

Prevents thirst and dryness in oral cavity, regulates salivary tissues. Reduce kidney pain, had a good influence in urine extraction. It has therapeutic importance for joints, kidneys, urinary stones, and salinization. It is known that pear has effect of increasing the appetite, making good cheerful mood for a long time. It is effective for against diseases of heating-fever, cold, stomach ache, and diarrhea. Pear and its juice makes the face clear, prevents vomiting. Pregnant women are recommended to take pear juice.

The therapeutic importance of medlar is known in the medicine from very ancient times. Medlar is effective against abdominal pain, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal diseases. It helps to eliminate stones in kidneys, urine ways, in melting the salts, and reduces pain. Eliminates fatigue, increases appetite, prevents dryness in oral cavity, regulates the activity of the gland in the mouth, has a good impact on patients with diabetes.

The quince has a great importance in the treatment of at strong, dry cough, gastro-intestinal inflammation, in increasing the cardiovascular activity, renal and urogenital organs  inflammation. Boiling of quince seeds, sticks have a very good effect in gastro-intestinal problem, treatment of respiratory system, and kidney pain. 

It has a century long history. Hips prevents the inflammatory processes in oral cavity, bronchial tubes. It is rich in vitamin content. It is effective in the treatment of the gastro-intestinal diseases, diseases of digestive organs. Likewise having good effects in pneumonia, cold, diarrhea, abdominal pain diseases, hips has as a good influence at kidney disease, stone in urinary way, eliminates salinization, prevents internal bleeding. It is also used as an astringent tablets. The petals of the dried hips help in many diseases. Its jam, juice is effective in anemia, underskin and on skin wounds, bleeding, liver, kidney, cold, and diarrhea diseases.

Walnut kernel, walnut jam besides improving mood, has an effective influence at weakening of eyesight, the elimination of bad smell from the oral cavity, effectively reducing gastro-intestinal pains.
Walnut kernel, walnut jam strengthens the bottom of the teeth, creates a pleasant fragrance in the mouth. It prevents bleeding of internal organs, thirst, prevents dryness in the mouth, increases appetite, have a good effect in diabetes patients.

Stop the heart pain, helps digestion, increases appetite. Eliminates dryness in the oral cavity, lowers the blood pressure. Reduces the severe pain in stomach, prevents the gall bladder inflammation, prevents nausea and vomiting, regulates blood circulation. It gives a good effect in throat pain and inflammation, disease of bottom of teeth, the treatment of rashes in oral cavity. Eliminates the bad smell from the mouth, regulates headache, heart beat.

It is acidulous, increases appetite. Its  fruit, juice, jam prevents diarrhea, abdominal pain, and lowers  the blood pressure, prevents  blockage and salinization of kidneys, joints, urinary ways and helps in melting of stones. Hawthorn seeds reduce the liver, gastro-intestinal pain. Its tea, juice, jam has a good effect in dry, strong cough, inflammation.

Acidulous, increases appetite, such as cornel, prevents dryness and thirst in the mouth and  regulates oral cavity. Eliminates the bad smell from the mouth and strengthens the bottom of teeth and reduces the gastro-intestinal pain. Speeds up digestion, regulates blood pressure. Prevents diarrhea, abdominal pain, inflammation, chest and joint pains. Jam of barberry as the cornel jam is cure for many diseases. 

Using the cornel herbs (fruits) as human food has an ancient history. The extract made from the skin of the cornel mixed with barley flour and this substance is used as treatment of furuncle. Boiling and extract made from skin and leaves are used at kidney, liver and diabetes. Its juice is used as eye drops. Substitute tea is made from its leaves. Its fruit is used in anemia, inflammation, high temperature, gastro-intestinal diseases, non-alcoholic drinks made from its juice in malaria, increasing of appetite, juice mixed with starch in diabetes, as well as appetizer.
At pneumonia, cold disease the cornel juice is useful. It helps in diarrhea and abdominal pains. Cornel, its jam, fresh and dried fruits if useful at blood pressure, gastro-intestinal diseases, chest, reduces joint pain, helps digestion, eliminates the bad smell from the mouth

The olive has an ancient history in Azerbaijan. At present there is an olive three of 250 years of of age and still giving fruits in Nardaran. An olive oil is made from immature fruit, collected by hand by cold-pressing method. It is widely used in food and medical fields.
The olive oil from immature fruit is used in the preparation of a number of medications. For example, in burn medicines, as healing part of the drugs, and also widely used in treatment of rheumatism, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and gastro-intestinal illnesses.
Experimental and clinical experience has shown that the leaves of the olive tree are very useful in the treatment of heart diseases. Olive increases appetite, strengthening teeth, prevents rashes in the mouth. Eliminates the inflammation of throat and bronchitis. 

A number of vitamins useful for the human trunk have been found in berries of Black currant, its leaves and shoots. A number of preparations have been widely used in medicines are made from different species and varieties of currant and its skin, bud, leaf, flower and berries.
Boiling made from bud, leaves, berries of the currant are used in cold, tuberculosis, as sweating, as a diuretic, increasing the resistance of the organism against infections.
In scientific medicine berries and leaves of currant are used as polivitamin in hipo-and avitaminosis skorbit, diathesis, gastro-intestinal diseases, anemia, and it is connected with the vitamins, micro-and macro elements in its content. Juice from fresh berries is used in strong cough, dry cough. 15-20 units of black currant meet the everyday needs in vitamin C. Boiling from berries of currant, extract are used as cosmetics.

All species and varieties of apricot has pleasant aroma. Apricot is used at iron deficiency in blood (anemia) and the extract from seeds is used at strong cough, acute renal diseases and bronchitis. Due to abundance of K element in the content of the fruit it is advised for usage at cardio-vascular, chronic kidney diseases, for regulation of Na element in organism, as well as hypertension, heart beat violation, myocardial infarction. Its fruit as fresh and dried is recommended as an item of diet. Dried apricot is used in a number of other diseases and at heart weakness. Apricot is used in improving the digestive process in the folk medicine, as preventive matter of thirst and cure of the chronic constipationr. 

Inna is used for the purpose of treatment since ancient times in Azerbaijan and the Middle East. Halen shows that this fruit has positive effect on the digestive system and stomach. Massih, Arab doctor has shown that fruit of the innab at asthma disease calms the people.
In other reports, the fruit of the innab is shown as stimulant in blood circulation. In Mohammed Hussein’s “Al Mahzan adviyya” written several centuries ago he informed about the healing importance of innab. He shows that innab is the best medicine for the treatment of cough and oral sores. The oil prepared with mixture of innab flour and honey cures the mouth sores. Innab cleans the blood, calms the liver, kidney and urinary bladder pains. It boiling has a therapeutic impact on goiter, tuberculosis and lung diseases. 

In the Caucasus, as well as in Azerbaijan 2 sorts of grapes are spread. Grape is the most ancient flowering plants. Grapes, along being a valuable food product, have also a medical importance. Sugar, glucose and fructose in the content of grape are most valuable foodstuffs for muscular system, especially for the muscles of heart. Glucose increases absorption of oxygen by tissues and can destroy bacteria. It prevents formation of infectious diseases. The iron in grapes has good impact on process of oxidation and on the activity of food forming organs. Grapes neutralize the toxic elements accumulate din the intestine and liver, reduces uric extract and salts accumulation in the organism. Grapes do not lag behind the Borjomi mineral waters and alkaline nature other waters, even it is considered to be a little superb. Grapes and grape juice is of great importance in food of children. Grape juice has phlegm removing effect. It is widely used in respiratory diseases.


The amount of substances in the pomegranate fruit depends on its sort, climatic area of growing, agrotechnical measures in gardens. In folk medicine to cure sore skin of pomegranate dried and after grinding pour on the sore and as a result the sore is cured. The sore is cured by acidous content in the skin. In ancient times, pomegranate juice is boiled and mixed with honey and used to cure the polyp in nose and hemorrhoids.  There are coloring and astringent substance in the fruit, root, stem of the pomegranate. Pomegranate juice increases the appetite, helps to digest different foods easy.

3 sorts of mulberry are spread in the territory of the republic: white mulberry, black mulberry and red mulberry. The most spread of them in territory of Azerbaijan are white and black mulberries. The white mulberry is spread in wild in the zone of the Samur-Davachi Tugay forests, and the Kur-Araz, Alazan-Airichai lowlands.
Red mulberry leaves are used as dying, as sweating drug, and its roots in the treatment of intestinal helminthes.
In addition, its tea leaves used in diabetes, heart pain. Fresh fruits are eaten, and boiled juice (doshab) is made of them and used at heart weakness, anemia. Moreover the juice from its berries are used in  cancer, throat pain, stomach diseases. The tea prepared from leaves of white mulberry is used in constipation, cold diseases. At stomach and duodenum ulcers berries of white mulberry are recommended. White, black mulberry and khartut has blood increasing features.

The chestnut can be considered as valuable honey producing plant. Honey made of chestnuts has a great therapeutic importance. Leaves are rich in valuable substances. Thus, 1 green leave has 800 biological units, and yellow leaves has 600 biological units of vitamin K, and therefore they can be considered as a valuable raw material for vitamin industry 

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