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Khalvati Khaja Abdurrahim  
Khalvati Khaja Abdurrahim  is most well-known calligrapher  of Azerbaijan in the XV century. Well-known master of calligraphy is the son of Movlana Muhammad Shamsaddin. He was known as a skilful master of the classic lines, especially called suls. He was a teacher of  well-known representatives of calligraphy like Nematulla Bavvab and Jafar Tabrizi. 

Suleiman Khattabli 
Suleiman Khattabli is a recognized calligrapher of XVI century. He had prepared a booklet of  Amirdjan mosque. 

Mirza Mehdi 
Mirza Mehdi is a calligrapher of XIX century. He had worked a stone book of tomb in the village cemetery of Rahimli of  Goranboy region. 

Gulkhan Baydemir 
Gulkhan Baydemir dealing with the art of stone carving had trained own followers. He mainly interested with calligraphy on stones, with the art of calligraphy that engraved on the stones and having perfect features.
Gulkhan Baydamir was admitted in State Art School named after A. Azimzade in 1970. In 1971-1973 while being in military service in the Khabarovsk region of Russia he had opened his first aqueous paint (individual) exhibition. In 1972 he won the second place in the competition of regional painters of Khbararovsk. After graduating from Art School in 1976, he participated in many exhibitions 
with free art activities. In 1995 he went to Turkey and became familiar with the Islamic paintings and at the same time got lessons from calligraphers. In 2006 he opened individual exhibition in Baku. 
His exhibitions were opened in 2007 in Germany and Austria. Many works of Gulkhan Baydemir were purchased by collectors from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Korea and France. 
In 2006 at calligraphy competition, held in Istanbul, he won first place with work named Ahmed - Muhammad .  In 2007, he won the 1st place in competition Hz Movlana calligraphy.  
In 2010 he had opened the second individual exhibition of calligraphy. 

Seyfaddin Mahammadvaliyev
Seyfaddin Mansim oglu Mahammadaliyev had graduated from the Art School named after A. Azimzade in 1960, and in 1975 graduated from the Art Institute. Since 1964 he has been working at the Institute of Manuscripts of the National Academy of Sciences. 
 His works called Sultan Muhammad, Rahil are kept in the exposition of Museum of Islamic Culture in Berlin. His works dedicated to the work of classical poet and writers are demonstrated at the exposition the Institute of Manuscripts.  A the exposition of the Institute of Manuscripts the works of twelve classics of Azerbaijan are displayed consecutively. A number of his works are kept in private collections in various countries around the world. His collection of cards consisting of 24 works under the name of People, trees was published.

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