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The High Attestation Commission (HAC)



The High Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 1992. This organization is the state body specialized in the field of attestation of high scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel and in charge of state policy in this field. HAC implements expertise of works received from  the scientific (scientific-research, scientific-production) enterprises (organizations, associations) and high education school related to the scientific degree (PhD, DPhil) in all areas of science, technology, education, culture and art and conferring of scientific titles (associate professor and professor). The relevant scientific degrees and scientific names to candidates whose works meet the requirements on scientific degrees and scientific names are conferred, as well as relevant diploma and certificates are given by HAC.
The High Attestation Commission in its activity directly subordinates to the President of Republic and reports to it about own activity. Its working principle is regulated by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees, orders and instructions of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and as well as adopted Regulations.

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