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President of Azerbaijan Republic



According to the Constitution Azerbaijan state is a presidential republic by form of its administration. 
President shall be the head of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He shall represent the Azerbaijan state in home and foreign policies.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall guarantee independence, territorial integrity. Moreover president being a head of executive branch of the government is guarantor of fulfillment of international Agreements to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party, to ensure independence of judicial power. 
Legitimacy of presidential power is ensured by general election. According to the Constitution the citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic not younger than 35, permanently living on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic longer than 10 years, possessing voting right, without previous conviction, having no liabilities in other states, with university degree, not having double citizenship may be elected the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.
According to Constitution if holding of elections of President of Republic of Azerbaijan seems to be impossible at war conditions the duration of tenure of President of Republic of Azerbaijan will be extended till end of military operations. Decision on that is adopted by the Constitutional Court of Republic of Azerbaijan basing on application of state entity ensuring holding of elections (referendum) (Article 101). 
The symbol of supreme power was reflected in the institution of oath taking at official inauguration. A person elected the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, within 3 days from the day when results of elections of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic have been announced, takes an oath (Article 103) 
The Constitution covers wide powers of Head of state. These powers were reflected at Clause 32 of Article 109. President is entitled to annul decisions of Council of Ministries, to dismiss it (except Prime Minister. To dismiss Prime Minister as well as Prosecutor General the consent of Milli Majlis is required. President gives representations to Milli Majlis on appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and Appeal Court, Members of Managing Board of Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic.
In capacity og Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President appoints the higher team of staff of the Armed Forces on posts and dismisses them. Head of the State organizes his administration and appoints its chief. President presents the State Budget, military doctrine of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the high legislative body, affirms the state socio-economic programs, sets the central and local executive powers, and appoints the referendum, signs the laws. President solves the problems of granting of citizenship, political asylum, takes a decisions on amnesty, calling on real military service of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and demobilization of military men finished their active services; gives state awards; higher military and higher special ranks; declares general and partial mobilization, demobilizes those called on mobilization. President concludes interstate and intergovernmental contracts, presents international treaties to Milli Majlis for its affirmation and cancellation, issues decrees on affirmation of international treaties in the capacity of guarantor of observation of international treaties.
President settles matters of national security basing on powers given him by the Constitution. President sets the Security Council of Republic of Azerbaijan; declares emergency and military situation and declares a war and concludes peace by consent of Milli Majlis. President may represent to Milli Majlis for getting its consent to use Armed Forces for fulfillment of duties other than basic duty of Armed Forces. 

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