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The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Of Republic Of Azerbbaijan


The Ministry of Internal Affairs is a central executive body implementing an activity in the field of provision of public order and security and prevention of crimes and its investigation in Republic of Azerbaijan.    
On May 28, 1918 the Ministry of Internal Affairs was established in structure of national government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan and this organization was by headed Fatali Khan Khoyski. During 1918-1920 ministry and police as its structure had taken a great part in the formation of the Azerbaijani state, in the protection of national interests, protection of independence.
Since April 27, 1920, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic acting under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR in accordance with the socialist system was a body having class character.
In October 18, 1991 after the Republic of Azerbaijan re-gained independence the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan separated from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and since then has been acting as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the sovereign Republic of Azerbaijan.
Employees of the Ministry are entitled to ensure the safety of all, to execute cases on administrative offenses related to its competence by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to take urgent actions for prevention of crime or other offenses. Representatives of the Ministry take actions to arrest persons committed crime or other offenses and bringing them to police, to reveal the criminal incident and the identification of the person committed crime, to study the reasons of crime and to take actions for its removal, to organize protection of the crime site and to participate in the determination of witnesses measures.
The Republic of Azerbaijan became a member of the International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol since 1992, and the Interpol National Central Bureau was established in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan in November 24 of the same year. 

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