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The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Of Republic Of Azerbbaijan


In May 25, 1918, after the National Council of Azerbaijan adopted a declaration on independence the Ministry of the Roads, Post and Telegraph was established in the Provisional Government. After some changes in government on October 6, the Ministry of Post and Telegraph of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established.
In 1954, the Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic was established.
On February 20, 2004, by Order No. 94 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic was established.
Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the central executive body carrying out state policy in the field of its forming and implementing,   providing the legal and regulatory control, development of communications (telecommunications, post) and information technology. 
The ministry takes the actions to turn the information into commodity, provides the formation of market information, and prepares development conceptions of communications and IT on the bases of forecasts of development and implementation of communication and information. In addition takes measures for rendering high-quality and reliable communications services to the entire territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to within its competence, works out the scientific-technical policy with the aim of the development of communication and information technology taking into account best international practice, and implements and also carries out duties of application of new technologies, establishment of various systems for the provision of communication and information services, organization and coordination of activities to render  new kind of services.
As well as it provides the use of radio frequency spectrum, ensures state control over exploitation and operation of land satellite communications equipment,  to prepare necessary measures and participates in its implementation  to meet requirements of state agencies, municipalities, legal entities and individuals in communication and information technology. 
The communication has ancient history. The basis of a nationally-mail was founded in 1501 by the head of the Safavid state Shah Ismail Khatai.

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