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Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Agriculture is the central executive body implementing regulatory, legal and economic control of production and processing of agricultural products in the Republic of Azerbaijan, provision of services to producers, veterinary, plant protection and quarantine, agrarian sector.  
The agency functioned as the Ministry of Agriculture and Labor in the structure of the first government of the National Council of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic formed in May 28, 1918.  In October 15, 1918 the State Property and the Ministry of Agriculture has been established. In 1920, the organization operated under the name of the State Land Commissioner.
Ministry of Agriculture was established in 1947. The name was changed again in 1986 and has functioned as the State Agro-Industrial Committee.
In 1992 the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan was created and continued activity under the same name until 1993. In 1993, it re-launched under the name of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Ministry ensures public policy on the rational use of arable lands and the working out and implementing of state policy in the development of rural infrastructure and social sectors. As well as it forms the state policy in the field of land reclamation  and water economy, irrigation and implements it, realizes the unified scientific-technical policy in the field of agriculture, in increasing of agricultural productivity, agricultural products processing, effective use of biological diversity, plant growing and cattle-implementation as priority research programs.
It also participates in the field of food security of the country, implementation of state policy together with relevant government agencies, in the preparation and implementation of the republican and regional programs on the agriculture and rural social problems. 
It controls Veterinary services, production of safe and quality food products from veterinary point of view and takes action to protect people and animal from common diseases, makes a registration of veterinary medicines. Arranges the work of breeding, planting and seedling, test and the protection of selection achievements, controls the seeding within the limits of its authority.
As well as it takes measures for rendering agritechnical, agrochemical and other necessary services to producers and processors of agricultural products, provide other necessary services, to implement actions to provide them with equipment, machinery, equipment, spare parts, to make analysis of demands on goods, to give proposals together with the relevant authorities to meet those demands, to arrange technical service sectors.

Address: AZ1000, U.Hajibeyov, 40. Government house 
Contact numbers: 493-08-84; 493-37-45

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