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Ministry of Labor and Social Defense of Republic of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Labor and Social Defense is the central executive body providing the protection of labor and social rights of workers regardless of organizational-legal form of ownership, and all enterprises, institutions and organizations.
The Ministry was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 10, 1992. Prior to the establishment of the Ministry the State Committee for Labor and Social Problems of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Social Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan were functioned.
It develops the state policy on labor, social security, pensions, demography and migration and implements it in accordance with procedures defined by law, creates the conditions for able-bodied population in order to increase working efficiency and initiatives. Ministry also prepares  proposals on the regulation state aid to low-income groups of the population, arranges  social-welfare services to lonely elderly and disabled citizens, makes proposals on the application of the ratios to salaries for staff of the enterprises, institutions and organizations engaged in works at high mountains, deserts and arid areas.
The Ministry also executes the duties directed at reduction of the level of unemployment, implementation of policy for employment of low competitive labor groups in the labor market, especially young people, women with many children, refugees and internally displaced persons, invalids, martyrs\' family members, to develop measures aimed at the creation of new jobs, improvement of vocational training mechanisms in order to adapt the labor resources to market conditions. 
The ministry coordinates the work in the field of scientific research and international cooperation on demography, labor and social protection issues, arranges medical-social expertise, rehabilitation of the disabled people, providing assistance in the provision of prosthesis-orthopedic devices to them.
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