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The Ministry Of National Security Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan


The Ministry of National Security of Republic of Azerbaijan is a central executive body operating the field of intelligence, counter-intelligence activities, protection of state secrets, detection of crimes, its prevention and the exposure activity.
The first of the national security agency was established in Azerbaijan in March 28, 1919. By order of Samad bey Mehmandarov, the Defense minister of the Democratic Republic the military intelligence and counter-intelligence departments were established in the structure of the ministry. The first head of the institution was Mammadbagir Sheikhzaamanly.
After the collapse of the Democratic People the members of the organization were subjected to repression, and the majority of the leading team headed by M.Sheikhzamanly was shot dead. During the Soviet era organization was called before the Extraordinary Commission, and functioned within the People\'s Commissariat of Internal Affairs for a while, then the State Security Committee had been organized. Till 1967 the security authorities of the republic have been headed by non-Azerbaijanis. In the same year general Heydar Aliyev was appointed as chairman of the KGB of Azerbaijan 
In October 1991 after the Republic of Azerbaijan restored its independence, Ministry of National Security of Republic of Azerbaijan was established on the material-technical basis and staff of the State Security Committee in November 1, 1991. During the short period of time the essence and duties of mission of the ministry had been changed.
Members of the State Border Service of the Ministry of National Security carries out operations at the state border in the Republic of Azerbaijan, takes actions for protection of diplomatic mission and other representations of foreign countries in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The protection of state secrets, combating with corruption, terrorism, narcotics, psychotropic substances and radioactive substances, illegal trafficking of firearms and ammunition trafficking, transnational organized crime are at competence of the Ministry, too.
Combating of international terrorism and other forms of transnational organized crime is at the competence of the Ministry of National Security.
28 March is the professional Holiday of National security staff.

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