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The Ministry Of Ecology And Natural Resources Of Republic Of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources is the central executive authority carrying out the state policy on protection of the environment, organization of using of nature, efficient use of underground water, mineral raw materials and resources and surface natural resources, their restoration, the observation and forecasting of hydrometeorological processes in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as section of the Caspian Sea belonging to Azerbaijan.
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources was established by the decree No. 485 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 23, 2001.
The Ministry implements state administration in the field of protection of environment and using of natural resources for provision of right of population to live in healthy environment in the Republic of Azerbaijan, carries out the service of Hydrometeorology, and provides implementation of hydrometeorological observations, forecasts, and the preparation and dissemination of information.
The Ministry also implements the state control in the field of observation of environmental safety at the process of using natural resources, minerals, vegetation, flora, fauna (including fish), water and energy sources, ecological restoration and protection of land, as well as air protection, and within its authority  controls the efficient use of the mineral-raw materials base and land.

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