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Ministry of Defense of Republic of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Defense is official government body carrying out the military defense and activities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
 In 1918, the newly formed Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan adopted a resolution on June 26 on the establishment of the armed forces, the country\'s National Army, which provided its services to the people of Azerbaijan during the activity the People\'s Republic. 
In 1920, the National Army was a part of the Soviet Union.
By the decision of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR, which was in the structure of the USSR, the Defense Ministry was established on September 5, 1991. And in October 9, the Supreme Soviet adopted a resolution on the establishment of the Armed Forces and on the bases of the military unit No 18110 of the former Soviet army located in Shikh settlement, the first infantry brigade of the Armed Forces was formed.
During 1918-20 Azerbaijan had two Defense Ministers Khosrov bey Sultanov (civilian) and Lieutenant-General of artillery, Ali Bey Mehmandarov and 8 ministers of defense in the second period of independence.

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