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The Ministry Of Education Of Republic Of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Education is the central executive authority of carrying out state policy and regulation within the field of education, general methodic management of education process. 
The first national education ministry in Azerbaijan was established in May 28, 1918 by the decision of government of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan under the name of People\'s education and the Ministry of Religious Belief. By decision of the Council of Ministers dated June 30, 1918 the structure consisting of the three sections (general secondary education, higher and specialized secondary education, and vocational schools) was approved.
By decree No 1 of Council of Ministers of Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 28, 1920 the Ministry of National Education and Religious Belief was re-organized under the name of the People\'s Commissariat of Education and all the educational institutions of the republic were subordinated to it.
During 1959-1988 two ministries of education (Ministry of the People\'s education, the Ministry of Higher and Middle Special Education) and a committee (the Technical Vocational Education Committee) were functioned in Azerbaijan.
 In 1988, by the decision of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic all three organizations were abolished and Ministry of National Education was established on it basis, and its structure was approved.
By the Decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 3, 1993, the Ministry of National Education changed the name to Ministry of Education.
The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan carries out the functions of provision of development of education system on the fixed directions, implementation of state regulations in the education field, state control to ensure the quality of education, to protect the Constitutional rights of citizens in order to get education, to take on the establishment of equal opportunities in education.

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