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The Ministry Of Emergency Situations Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Emergency Situations is the central organ of executive power
providing coordination of activities of on the central and local executive bodies, enterprises and other organizations for protection of the population in the country from natural disasters, man-made disasters, and fire, the settlement of the issues for elimination of such consequences, as well as carrying out state policy in the field of civil defense, rescue and restoration works.
 Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan was established decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated December 16, 2005.
The ministry protects the population at civil defense, from geophysical, geological, meteorological, hydrological, marine, hydrological, natural fires, explosions, buildings’ and facilities’ collapses, from incidents related to .chemical, radioactive and biological wastes of dangerous substances.
As well as it provides a protection in emergency situations like incidents in  electric power systems, life- utility systems, cleaning devices, hydrodynamic devices, oil and gas production and processing facilities, the main pipeline, traffic accidents.  As well as it provides prevention of emergency situations and elimination of consequences of emergency situations, fire safety, safety of water reservoirs and movement of people and small ships in water basins.

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