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Ministry of Health of Republic of Azerbaijan


Ministry of Health is central body of executive power developing and carrying out the state health care programs rendering medical care to the population.
In 1918, after formation of the government of the Democratic Republic one of the decisions of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 17, 1918 was the establishment of the Ministry of Health. Khudadat bey Rafibeyov, the surgeon by profession was appointed as Minister. 
Regulations the Ministry of Health of Republic of Azerbaijan in force today, were approved by Heydar Aliyev, with his decree signed on December 29, 1998.
 Ministry provides  developing and implementation of measures on protection of maternity and children, family planning, all measures required for development of the healthcare regardless of the property. It also executes duties like provision of population of the Republic of Azerbaijan and treatment and prevention institutions with drugs, bacteriological, viral and other medical preparations and control on sanitary-epidemiologic health in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases.
The ministry settles matters like  definition of the directions of the development of the healthcare, improvement of forms of organization of medical aid, improvement of the demographic situation, health of the population and mortality statistics and medical research in order to create a bank of information-analytical activities and to develop the fields of medicine and pharmaceutical research, increase their effectiveness, to get achievements in the field of science, technics and in the best practice.

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