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Azerbaijani painters


Bahruz Kangarli (1892-1922)
Emerging of easel painting, the formation of the genres of portrait and landscape in realistic fine art of Azerbaijan  connected with the name Bahruz Kangarli. He just worked 7 years in creative activity but created about 2000 painting works. During Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Bahruz Kangarli created painting and graphic works, opened special training group, and arranged individual exhibitions. In 1921 over 500 paintings of Bahruz Kangarli were displayed at first major exhibition.  Works of B. Kangarli like Ilanlı mountain in the moon light, At sun set, Spring landscapes, portraits of homeless people  included in series of “Refugees,  Matchmaking, Wedding household composition, scenic art designing given by him to works The Dead ( J. Mammedguluzadeh) performed  in  Theatre of Nakhichevan, “Haji Gara (M.F.Akhundzade), Peri-magic (A. Hagverdiyev) and costume design sketches are valuable painting patterns of Azerbaijan.

Sattar Bahlulzade (1909-1974)
One of the founders of the genre of landscape painting in Azerbaijani art is a painter  Sattar Bahlulzade. The beauty of nature of Azerbaijan were reflected in his works A way to girl violet, Native plains, Longing for land, Evening on the Caspian Sea, The beauty of Caspian, Eternal fires, Tears of Kapaz, Spring of motherland, The tale of Azerbaijan,Surakhani fire worship place, Legendary Land, Sahnabat,Nakhchivan. Evening gardens in Ordubad , Fireworks in Baku, Gudialchay Valley ,Amirjan, Oil Rocks , Shamakhy vineyards and etc.  In his picture-landscape, intimate, lyrical still life motives of gentle, traditional folk art reflecting the carpet ornaments are found.

Boyukaga Mirzazade (1921-2007)
Works of art created by painter Boyukaga Mirzazade were included in the painting history as samples valuable painting on various topics. He created Still life under the umbrella in the genre of still life, Conductor Niyazi and Ashiq Alasgar, Academic Mamed  Arif in  portrait genre. Her also worked in the field of theatrical scenery, and was a painter of musical comedies like “Mother In Law, Poor son of a millionaire. 

Mikail Abdullayev (1921-2002)
In works of great painter Mikail Abdullayev a wide, colorful panorama of Azerbaijan has been described. In works of painter Evening, Mingechevir Lights, in the steppes of Azerbaijan, Joy, Happiness builders, Following the baby, Karabakh girl in field, etc. the labour people, scenes of life were given in lyrical mode. For India series, M. Abdullayev has been awarded with International Nehru Prize (1970).  Portraits made by M.Abdullayev Uzeyir Hajibeyov, “S.Vurgun”, “Nasimi“ are classical examples of the Azerbaijani art of portrait painting.

Natiq Abdurrahmanov (1925-2008)
Boards of Natiq Abdurrahmanov  Rice growers, Time of sunset in the mountains and lyric pictures reviving the nature of  Azerbaijan can be considered as best examples of painting.

Tahir Salahov (1928)
In works of People\'s artist Tahir Salahov Those returning from shift, Morning Train, Absheron Women, A New Sea the heroic pathos of the time, the grandeur of steel islands in the Caspian Sea are felt. Still life, boards and landscapes devoted to life of foreign countries drawn by painter are included in the best works of modern painting of Azerbaijan. Work created by T. Salahov Portrait of the composer Kara Karayev is the most perfect example of the portrait art in the contemporary portrait painting genre. He has works in the portrait genre like  Koroglu, Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Fikrat Amirov, Rasul Rza and Aydan. His works are stored in the museums and galleries of the world, in private collections.

Togrul Narimanbekov (1930)
In works of People\'s Artist  Togrul Narimanbekov  the nature, images of contemporaries are described in colorful decorative paints. In works of painter Happiness, Joy, Land Abundance, Bazaar, etc. the life and landscapes characterized by the motives of optimism. His improvisation ability is clear in works like Remembering Paris, Beethoven\'s world. 

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