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Gazanfar Khaligov (1898-1981)
He studied at the Azerbaijan State Art College of Azerbaijan. Worked in Molla Nasreddin magazine as a cartoonist. He also worked as a theatre and cinema, decorative artist, was busy with graphics. Since 1973 he is the People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan.

Ismail Akhundov (1907-1969)
Ismail Akhundov after graduating from the Azerbaijan State Painting School in 1928 had been admitted to Faculty of Publishing  of the Moscow Printing Institute. Since 1932 he was a head of graphic bureau of Azerbaijan Publishing house.
İ. Akhundov was a director of Azerbaijan State Painting School since 1937 until 1940, since 1940 , Director of the Museum of Literature named after Nizami, and main painter.
He worked in 1937 in Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre named after M.Azizbeyeov and worked at other theatres, has a number of design shows. J. Jabbarli’s Yashar (1932 - 1933), M. F. Akhundov’s Haji Qara (1938), S. Vurgun’s Vagif. (1938), A. N. Ostrovski’s  Innocent guilty (1943) are best works of  I. Akhundov.
He worked in the field of political posters, especially during the Great Patriotic War he drew over 100 ant-fascist posters for “Propaganda purposes. İ. Akhundov had cooperated with Kirpi magazine since 1952.
İ. Akhundov was the chief painter at Agriculture pavilion of the Azerbaijan SSR in all-union agriculture fair. Designing of a number of jubilee exhibitions was also assigned to I.Akhundov.
For contribution to the field of Fine Arts he was honoured the title of Honoured art worker of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1940), the USSR State Prize laureate (1944), People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1960), and has been awarded with Honour badge and Red Labour Banner Orders (1967).
He worked as the chairman and executive secretary of Union of Painters of Azerbaijan  for several years, and was elected as deputy of Baku City Soviet and Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR.

Alakbar Rzaguliyev (1903-1974)
Alakbar Rzaquliyrev worked painting scenes of the character scenes from life of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani woman, 1926; Athletes, 1926; Moslem ecclesiastical school, 1927).
Rzaguliyev had functioned also in the field of graphics, Old Baku series (1958-72), M. A.. Sabir (1963), Bakuvians  in Berlin (1968), V. İ. Lenin and the leaders of Azerbaijan (1970), Tea growers” (1972),Azerbaijani Madonna (1973), etc. linocuts were created.
Works of A.Rzaguliyev are exhibited in Art Museum of Eastern Peoples (Moscow), Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R.Mustafayev, the State Picture Gallery of Azerbaijan and other museums.

Maral Rahmanzade (1916-2008)
Maral Rahmanzade studied at Azerbaijan State Painting College (1930-1933) and the Moscow Painting Institute (1934-1940) 
Easel paintings, ranges, (the woman in the past, and now, 1940, Women during the war, 1942) was reflected in the life of the women.
Among easel works (Azerbaijani women in old times and now) and “Women during war years” , 1942) the life of women was reflected  in Azerbaijan 
He also worked extensively in the book field, and drew illustrations to art works.   He visited a number of foreign countries, and has created a series of engravings from the life of these countries (Czechoslovakia, 1959-1960).
His works were demonstrated at art exhibitions in foreign countries (England, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Syria, Lebanon, etc.). Several times he had arranged personal exhibitions in Moscow, Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan, as well as in Sri Lanka (1958), Cuba (1964) and Iran (1991). His works are stored in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R. Mustafayev, in personal collections of the USA and England. He was awarded with Red Labor banner order, Honor badge, Glory Order of Azerbaijan.

Jamil Mufidzade
Jamil Mufidzade studied at the Kharkov Painting Institute. Since 1957, he is a participant in various international exhibitions. For his contribution to the development of national fine art he has been awarded with honorary titles of Honoured painter of Azerbaijan (1982) and People\'s Artist (2002). Presently he is the head of Chair “Graphics” in  Azerbaijan State Painting Academy”  

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