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Piece kebab
Mutton – 330 gr, onion – 0. 60 gr, fresh onion – 40 gr, parsley and reyhan – 0. 10 gr, sumak – 3 gr or pomegranate narsharab - 5q, salt, pepper. To cut pieces of mutton from hip or waist of the mutton 35-40 grams and add salt and pepper, then put in  spit  and roasted on brazier. 

Roll kebab from minced meat 
Mutton -330 grams, fat of sheep\'s tail - 20 grams, onion - 20 gram,  fresh onion - 40 grams,  parsley and reyhan – 15 gr, wheat flour - 45 grams sumac - 3 grams, salt, pepper. Soft part of the mutton is passed thru meat-grinder with onion, and pepper and salt is added and mixed. Force-meat is expected 20 minutes for becoming cool.

potato kebab
Potato – 350 gr, sheep’s tail – 60 gr, fresh onion – 40 gr, parsley – 10 gr, salt, pepper. Potatoes is peeled, big ones is cut with 40-50 grams weight and is boiled in hot water (15-20 sec). Sheep tail is cut in 15-20 grams weight, then it is put in spit and fried in the brazier. Greenery is sown onto the ready kebab. 

Frying-pan kebab
Mutton – 220 gr, melted butter – 30 gr, onion – 40 gr, egg, 2 pcs of, sugar – 5 gr, vinegar – 10 gr, coriander and fennel – 25 gr, salt, pepper. In summer period sugar and vinegar is replaced with 50 gr of tomato. Soft part of the mutton is passed thru meat-grinder together with onion, and pepper and salt is added and mixed. 3 round onions for each part is needed.

Liver Kebab 
Liver of sheep – 230 gr, tail of sheep – 60 gr, parsley – 18gr, sumac – 3 gr, salt. Liver is cleaned from layers. It is cut in 30-40 gr weights. Sheep tails is cut into 10-15 gr of pieces and are fixed on spit by sequence. Before frying on brazier the liver is splashed with salty water. Greenery and sumak is poured onto the ready kebab. 

Chicken kebab
Chicken – 285 gr, sour cream – 10 gr, onion – 30 gr, coriander and parsley – 25 gr, lemon - 1/2 pcs or narsharab – 25 gr, salt, pepper. Chicken passed from the first processing is divided into two parts, pepper and salt has been added and it is fixed on spit. It is wet by sour cream and fried in the brazier. Ring style cut onion is put together with ready kebab and a lemon slice is put onto. 
Turkey kebab is also cooked in the same manner.

Tail kebab with aubergine
Aubergine – 350 gr, sheep tail - 0 60 gr, onion – 40 gr, parsley and fennel – 20 gr, salt, pepper. Aubergine is cleaned and its stalk is cut. Sheep tail is cut in 15-20 gr weight and fixed on spit with aubergine. It is fried in the brazier, the skin of aubergine is cleaned when served on table, it is cut into small pieces together with tail, salt, pepper and greenery is added onto. 

Sturgeon Kebab 
Fish – 347 gr, vegetable oil – 5 gr or sour cream – 10 gr, onion – 24 gr, fresh onion – 32 gr, fresh tomato – 100 gr, lemon - 1/5 pcs, narsharab – 5 gr, sumac – 1 gr, pepper - 0. 1qr, salt.  Sturgeon  fish is cleaned in an ordinary manner. It is cut into 40-50 gram pieces, and salt, pepper is added, is wet with sour cream and kept for 7-10  min.

Banquet kebab
It is prepared like Piece kebab, but when served it is decorated specially with tomato, cucumber and other vegetables. The kebab sometimes is served in spit at which is cooked.  

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