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Alycha jam
To cook jam big alycha of garden, especially Arash and Istanbul sorts are taken. When these alychas are ripen, its weight reaches 40 grams when it is dark red color. Skin of the alycha is peeled. It is kept in the lime water for 1.5-2 hrs, washed clean and is holed from few places. So, sugar syrupy (sherbet) is added on  the alycha and is kept for 6-8 hours. It is necessary to mix the jam meantime.
Black mulberry  -khartut jam 
Many sorts of  black mulberry are grown in Azerbaijan, especially in Absheron peninsula, one the best quality of them is khartut Likewise from white mulberry, a jam is cooked  from black mulberry, too. Big khratuts are selected and is kept for 8-10 hrs after adding sugar on it. Jam is cooked for 2-3 times by keeping it in light fire. Boiled water is added on khartuts.

 Mulberry jam
White mulberry – 1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg, lemon – 2 gr. Sugar syrupy (sherbet) is added on selected mulberry and  is boiled for 5 minutes in weak flame, and then is cooled till 20-250C.For 2dn time it is boiled for 8-10 minutes and then cooled and for 3rd time it is cooked till being ready  boil for the second time and is/are cooled and it is/are cooked as (like) the person which is/are for the third time ready. Lemon acid is added before being ready.
Orange jam
Orange- 1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg. Whole oranges is slightly boiled for 15 min at 900 C and then peeled and kept in cold water for 10-12 hrs.  Then oranges are cut lengthwise and syrupy (sherbet) is poured on it and kept for 6-8 hours. Jam is cooked for 4 times by pouring syrupy (sherbet) on it after warming sherbet. 

Jam from the apple of the paradise
Apple – 1 kg, sugar - 1.3-1.5 kg.  Flower cups of apple of the paradise is cleaned, and stalk is cut from middle. Few holes are made in it and then boiled for 3-5 min. Sugar syrupy (sherbet) is  poured on and kept for 3-4 hours. It is  boiled for 5-7 minutes at weak flame, and after keeping for 6-8 hrs, it is cooked for 2nd time for 7-10 minutes.

Tomato jam
Tomato - 1kg, sugar - 1.3 kg, vanillin - 0.5 gr.  Small plum-like tomatoes are taken for cooking the jam. Tomatoes have been put into boiling water for 5-8 seconds and then it is cooled in the cold water immediately and its skin is peeled. Hot syrupy (sherbet) is poured on tomatoes and is kept for a day. The second day syrupy (sherbet) is filtered, boiled and poured on tomatoes. The third day operation is repeated. And jam gets ready at 4th day.  

Aubergine jam
Cleaned aubergine – 1 kg, sugar - 1.5 kg, lemon - 1.5 gr, vanillin - 0.5 gr. Small aubergines of 3-4 days are taken jam cooking. Its stalk is cut, skin is peeled and is kept for 5-6 hours in the soda solution. Aubergines are washed then, hot syrupy (sherbet) is poured on, it is holed from some places, and hot sherbet is poured on it and kept for 8-10 hours. The second day syrupy (sherbet) is filtered, boiled and poured onto the aubergines.
Jam of white cherry
The cherry of which pit was taken out – 1 kg, sugar powder – 1.2 kg, lemon acid-  2 gr, vanillin – 1 gr or cardamom – 3 gr. Fleshy cherry are taken for cooking jam. Sugar powder is added on  the cherry of which pit was taken out, and its kept for 3-5 hours. Each time it is boiled for 6-8 minutes on weak flame and then is kept for 5-6 hours and cooked for 3rd time. 

Apricot jam
Apricot – 1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg. Pit of the big apricot is taken out, but small ones are cooked unbroken. The surface if apricot is holed from 8-10 places and is boiled in water for 1 min. Hot syrupy (sherbet) is poured on it and kept for 8-10 hours. Meantime the juice of jam is boiled  for 3 times by keeping for 8 hours  and then it is poured on apricot  and is cooked 4th time till it is ready. 

Water-melon jam
Water-melon skin – 1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg, vanillin - 0 5 gr, lemon  - 1.2 g. Kind of water melon with thick skin are taken for water-melon jam. First the green part of the skin is cut and thrown, the it is cut in the from of rectangle and rhombus (1. 5-2), or in the form of cube (2-3 cms). It is kept in lime water for 0.8-1o hours. Then it is washed clean and hot syrupy (sherbet) is added onto, and is cooked by keeping it meantime for 8 hours.

Cornel jam
Cornel – 1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg. A jam is cooked from cornel unbroken and pits taken out. 2 glasses of water is poured on sugar and syrupy (sherbet) is prepared. But half of the syrupy (sherbet) is added before the first cooking, and half before the 2nd cooking. It is cooed for 2 times by keeping 5-8 hours. All the syrupy (sherbet) sometimes is added on cornel and boiled and cooled for 10-15 minutes and cooked to 4-5 times. 

Fig jam
Fig - 1 kg, sugar -1 kg, lemon - 1gr, vanillin - 0.5 grams. Jam is cooked from fig with skin or without skin: Stalk of the fig is cut when crusty jam is cooked, it is boiled in water of  80-85 C for 5 minutes. Syrupy (sherbet) is added on fig and is cooked for 2 times. Sugar powder is added on fig with peeled skin. 

Rose jam
Rose petals - 100 gr,  sugar - 900 gr, lemon - 2 gr. The best jam is received from petals of the pot grown rose. White part of the petals are cut down and thrown, washed and for boiled in hot water for  5 minutes. 40% solution – sherbet is prepared in the water, it is poured on petals and is cooked for once till is ready. 

Walnut jam
Processed walnut - 1 kg, sugar - 1.5 kg, lemon - 3 grams, clove - 3 gram or cardamom, 3 grams (1 kg of sugar for 50 pcs of walnut). Fresh walnut with thin skin and diameter not less than 24 mm are taken for cooking the jam. Skin of walnut is peeled and is kept for 3 days by changing it water 2-3 times per day.

Quince jam
Cut and cleaned quince -1 kg, sugar - 1.2 kg. Quince is cleaned, and cut into slices of 2 cms thickness and is boiled for 10-15 minutes is hot water. Hot syrupy (sherbet) is added on the quince slices then. Sherbet is prepared with water of quince. Jam has been boiled for 8-10 minutes meantime and is cooked for 8 hours to 3-4 times. 

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