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Bread is a traditional food-stuff in the cuisine of all people. 
Cooking of bread from flour and water is done by its steaming and roasting etc. Mostly salt, connecting matters, ferment and seeds of sunflower, poppy and another plant are added to some kind of bread. Seeds will be used like decoration on bread, too.

Tandir bread
It is bread cooked in the inside of the hollow which has been plastered in surroundings. Bread is cooked by attaching on walls of tandir. Tandir bread is also prepared like fragile bread and kept for a long time.

Lavash (yukha - thin flat bread, yayma - spread)
It is a kind of bread made of water, flour and salt. Fragile bread is thin than pide. It is used for rolling, too. It is widely consumed in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Iran.

Shirinchorek (sweet bread)
Shirin chorek is prepared in Novruz and other holidays.
1 teaspoon of dry ferment, 500 mls of heated milk,  1 pc of egg, 1 teaspoon of yellow ginger, 250 grs of sugar, 200 gr of butter,  flour, salt.
Ferment is mixed in the milk, salt, 1 big spoon of sugar and 10-12 big spoons of flour, yellow ginger is added. Al they are mixed. Mass must not be very limpid. It is put for hot place for making ready. The fermented dough must rise. Few times the mass is mixed, and butter is melt. Half of flour and sugar is added into one vessel, the fermented dough, butter, and egg are added and not hard dough is mixed and flour is added slowly onto it. Ready dough must not be hard, it should be adhesive slightly. 

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