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Garlic with blackthorn in vinegar
Garlic - 500 grams, blackthorn - 500 grams, bay leaf – 3 pcs,  cloves – 5 pcs,  fragrant peppers – 5 pcs,  black peppers – 5 pcs,  salts - 20 grams  vinegar - 400 grams. Garlic is cleaned. Spice is put in the bottom of the can, salt, slices of garlic is put at first, then blackthorns are put and vinegar is added onto. 

Mixed pickling 
Cucumber - 4 kg, blue pepper - 6 kg, fresh green tomato - 4 kg, carrot - 4 kg, divided cabbage of 4 kg is taken and put in cab, cherries, quince, grapes leaves are put inside of mixture to improve taste of pickling. 250 grams salt is added on it for each 5 litres of water. It is necessary to empty the salty water in a few days. 

Cabbage in salty water
Not so big cabbages are selected for preparation, its top thick kernel is taken out. It is divided into for 4 pieces, and collected in cans, and it is pushed with wooden board on top and salty water (400 grams of salt per 1 litre of water) is added on. It is necessary to take as salty water to cover the wooden board. To give pleasant color to cabbage a sliced beet is added inside of cabbage.

Garlic sour
Garlic, vinegar, lemon salt, sugar, salt, water. 
Garlics are washed and placed in can. Salty water is added on it. Once a day the salty water is to be taken out and refreshed. This operation is repeated within 3 days. At 4th day vinegar, salt, lemon, sugar and water have been mixed and are added in can on garlic until being closed 

Aubergine pickling
Small thin aubergine, garlic, coriander, fennel, mint, reyhan, tarragon, salt, vinegar.
Greenery is washed and cut. The cut garlic is mixed with greenery, and salt is added. Small aubergines are cleaned from the stalks and cut in length and salt is added in. It is 0.5 kept for hours, then aubergines are washed. Salt is added and water is boiled. Aubergines must be neither hard, no soft. Aubergines are put in colander, and heavy item is put onto and kept for 3 hours. The ready mixture for inside is filled in aubergines and put into can and vinegar is poured on it. The can is closed and kept in the cold place. Aubergines become ripen for 1.5 months. 

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