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Pineapple salad
Chicken breast, hams, or 250-300 grams of meat, 2 potatoes, 4 eggs, 4 canned pineapple rings, 1 onion, 1 apple, 1 tea spoon of lemon juice, walnut kernel, mayonnaise, salt, pepper.

Spring salad
Radish (white and red) – 100 gr, eggs -1/2 pcs, cucumber – 40 gr, carrots – 40 gr, green lettuce – 10 gr, salt. White-shell of radish is peeled. White or red radish is cut in small pieces and put in plate in the form of hill. And is decorated with cucumber cut in circles, carrot, egg and lettuce. Dill is added on it.

Beet fisinjan
Beet – 200 gr, butter – 20 gr, pomegranate seeds or juice - 30 g, walnut kernel – 40 gr, onions – 25 gr, coriander – 15 gr, salt. Beet-cleaned, cut is slices, and put in pot and cooked in own steam.  Cooked beet is passed thru meat-grinder together with nut kernel, and then butter, salt, pomegranate juice is added. Fisincan is put in plate and its surface is decorated.

Fountain Square salad
Chicken breast, cucumber, tomato - 2 pieces, parsley, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper.
Chicken breast is washed, cooled after cooking. It is cut in the form of blocks. Tomatoes and cucumbers are also added in the same way. Parsley is added. When served mayonnaise is added.

French salad
3-4 pieces potato, 3 units of the root, beet, white cabbage, 1 onion, 500 grams of beef, vinegar, soy sauce, black and red pepper, salt.
Meat is cut is small pieces, and fried in small butter. All vegetables except potatoes passed thru grind. And fried meat is added. Then skin of potato is peeled and grinded and pan-fried till red color. Fried potatoes are added on vegetables and meat. 5 percentage vinegar, soy sauce and spices are added and mixed.

Greenery kuku
Eggs - 2 ed., fresh onions - 25 g, coriander - 15, dill - 10 g, spinach - 30 g, melted butter - 30 g, pepper, salt.
Coriander, dill, spring onions and spinach are washed, cut in small pcs, pepper, salt and eggs are added and mixed carefully. Sometimes a little bit of flour or white bread is added in kuku.

Omul kuku
Smoked omul - 200 g, fresh onions – 35 gr, coriander – 15 gr, dill – 10 gr, eggs – 2 pcs, white bread inside – 30 gr, melted butter – 30 gr, pepper, salt. Smoked omul fish is cooked in water, bone and skin is removed. Fresh onions, dill and coriander are washed, cut in small, and egg, small omul pieces are added.

Bean fisinjan 
Red beans - 100 g, onions - 30 g, melted butter - 20 gr, walnut kernel - 30 g and vinegar - or 20 g of pomegranate juice - 15 g, coriander - 20 g, pepper, salt. And baked beans, fried onion and nut kernel are passed thru the meat-grinder. Pepper, salt and vinegar is added. Ring-shaped onion and cut herbs are added on fisinjan.

Mimosa salad
450 grams of boneless chicken breast, 1/2  tea spoon of salt (to add in water of boiling chicken), 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts kernel, cut in small, 3 pieces of potatoes, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of carrots, salt, sour cream -  6 spoons   (it can be increased up to taste).

Capital salad
Potato-6 pcs, 2-carrots, eggs - 6 pieces, pickle-5 pcs, 400-g beef (or a part of the muscle, chicken breast and thigh), green peas-1 can, dill, 100 g, 200-g fresh onions, parsley, 100 g, 2 cans of mayonnaise (or sour cream 3 cans)

Sheki salad
Cucumber – 50 gr, tomatoes – 50 gr, pepper – 20 gr, fresh onions – 10 gr, coriander – 10 gr, basil – 10 gr, wine vinegar, or abgora – 3 gr, pepper, salt. Cucumber, tomato and green pepper cut in the form of a small cube, greenery cut in small pcs, wine vinegar, salt, pepper and mixed.

Nuts kuku
Eggs - 2 pcs, fresh onions – 20 gr, coriander – 15 gr, dill – 10 gr, spinach – 25 gr, nuts – 40 gr, melted butter – 30 gr, pepper, salt. It is cooked as greenery kuku. But eggs with fine crushed nuts are added.

Mutton - 217 g, onions - 30 gç tomatoes - 280 g, sour cream - 30 g, salt, pepper. Mutton in 
1,0-0,5 kg is cooked in water in pieces, taken from broth and cooled . When served mutton is cut in pieces of 2-3 mm thick, and put in plates, round cut tomatoes and onions and straw like onion is put on and sour cream is added.

Caspian salad
Sturgeon – 375 gr, low salted salmon fish – 55 gr, soft caviar – 30 gr, potatoes – 160 gr, fresh cucumber – 180 gr, sour cream – 160 gr, lettuce – 55 gr, lemon - to 1, tarragon – 55 gr, pepper, salt.
Fish is cooked and its skin and bones are cleaned. The cut vegetables are mixed with sour cream and put in plate in the form of hill and the fish cut in long slices are added near 

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