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The performances


The first opera staged in Azerbaijan on January 12, 1908 (25) at Theatre  of H.Z. Tagiyev by U.Hajibeyov , the first opera in East and Muslim world, opera Leyli and Majnun.

Leyli and Majnun opera
Leyli and Majnun is the first opera written by Uzeyir Hajibeyov on own libretto. The work was written based on Fuzuli’s Leyli and Majnun poem and it is the first opera in the Muslim East. Mugams  Mahur hindi”, Chahargah, Shur, Kurd-Shahnaz, Rast, Segah, Bayati Kurd were used in this opera.
Leyli and Majnun opera was staged for the first time on 12 January 1908 in Baku, at Theater of Azerbaijan\'s oil industry owners named after H.Z.Tagiyev. Qurban Pirimov performed in tar, and Sarabski played the role of Majnun. Hajibeyov self played the violin in one party in the orchestra.

Sheikh Sanan opera
Uzeyir Hajibeyov had completed Sheikh Sanan opera on the base of own libretto in 1909. In general, except the Koroglu opera Uzeyir bey had written self libretto of all operas and operettas.
The first performance of Sheikh Sanan took place on November 30, 1909. Hussein Arablinsky was the director of the play. The first performance was conducted by Hajibeyov itself.

Husband and Wife operetta
U. Hajibeyov’s Husband and Wife operetta was completed in 1909. Operetta was staged by actors of Nicat troupe and director Huseyn Arablinsky. The first play of Husband and Wife” took place on May 24, 1910 in Nikitin Brothers Circus. History of today’s Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater begins from that date.

Rustam and Sohrab opera
The music opera was written by Uzeyir Hajibeyov based on famous poem of Abulqasim  Ferdowsi Shahname. The first performance of Rustam and Sohrab opera took place on November 12, 1910 in the theater of Tagiyev.

If not this, then that operetta
Following the opera Husband and Wife Uzeyir Hajibeyov  had written If not this then that (Mashadi Ibad)  musical comedy. The first performance of the work was shown on the 12th of September 1911 at Nikitin Brothers’ Circus.

Farhad and Shirin opera
On March 6, 1911, Farhad and Shirin opera of Mirza Jalal Yusifzade was shown to the audience. Libretto is written on the basis of the epic of Nizami  Khosrov and Shirin. Tar player Alexander Oqenezashvili had worked to prepare the musical score of opera.

Shah Abbas and Khurshud banu opera
This opera of U. Hajibeyov was staged on March 10, 1912, at opera theater of Tagiyev. Arablinsky was the play\'s director, Khalil Huseynov, deputy director and Muslum Magomayev conductor.
Asli and Kerem opera
This opera of U. Hajibeyov was staged for the first time in 1912. The theme of the opera was taken from the national epos. Huseyn Arablinsky was the play\'s director, an d conductor was Muslum Magomayev.

Arshin mal alan operetta
The first performance was shown on October 25, 1913, under directorship of Huseyngulu Sarabski in Tagiyev theater “Arshin mal alan operetta became very famous. The work written on principles of European operetta genre was soon translated in Russian, Georgian, French, German, English, Turkish, Uzbek, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, Persian. Opera was filmed several times.

Ashuq Garib
Zulfugar Hajibeyov had completed “Ashiq Garib opera, composed on the basis of the national epos, at the end of 1915. However, the opera was staged on May 13, 1916 at directorship of Khalil Huseynov. Composer himself conducted the opera.

Shah Ismail opera
During the activities of the Independent theatre companies the last music opera was Muslim Magomayev’s Shah Ismail opera. Libretto was written by Mirza Abdulgadir Ismailzade. Opera was staged on March 7, 1919.

Koroglu opera
Koroglu is one of the brightest examples of world classical operas. U.Hajibeyov worked on  opera during 1932-36, and the first performance was on April 30, 1937. “Koroglu” national epos, which is wide spread in Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey, Iran, was made a base of plot of the opera. U.Hajibeyov was awarded with Stalin award for  Koroglu” opera in 1941.

Nizami opera
It was staged on December 12, 1948. Author Afrasiyab Badalbeyli and Director Ismail Hidayetzade, and the conductor was the author himself.

Sevil opera
Author of the opera was Fikrat  Amirov. The work was performed on May 8, 1955. Mehdi Mamedov was a director.

Free opera
This opera of Jahangir Jahangirov  was perfomed in November 29, 1957. The director was the Mehdi Mammadov.

Vagif opera
It was performed in June 8, 1960. Author Ramiz Mustafayev, director Sultan Dadashov.

Bahadur and Sona opera
It was performed in November 20, 1961. Author was Suleyman Alasgarov and director Shamsi Badalbeyli.

Fox and Alabash opera
It is children\'s opera. It was performed in March 1, 1963. Author Ibrahim Mammadov, director Sultan Dadashov.

The Dead opera
It was performed in November 11, 1963. The author Vasif Adigozalov, director Shamsi Badalbeyli and conductor Niyazi.
Willows will not cry opera
It was performed in March 14, 1971. Author Afrasiyab Badalbeyli, author of the libretto Rafiq Khandan Zeka, director Shamsi Badalbeyli.

Aygun opera
It was performed in April 27, 1973. Author Zakir Bagirov (on the basis of same name poem of Samed Vurgun), director Fikret Sultanov and Ali Usubov. 

Bride rock opera
It was performed in April 27, 1974. Author Shafiga Akhundova, director Agakishi Kazimov.

Betrayed stars opera
It was performed in Nov 17,1977. Author M. Guliyev, director Aflatun Nematzade.

Dwarf opera
It was performed in June 25, 1978. Author was Nazim Aliverdibeyov and director Aflatun  Nematzade.

The fate of singer opera
It was performed in March 3, 1979. Author - Jahangir Jahangirov, director Kerim Kerimov.

Old Khattabich opera
It was performed in Nov 13, 1979. Author Zakir Bagirov, director Vasily Popov.

Natavan opera
It was demonstrated in Dec 7, 2003. The author was Vasif Adigozalov, and director Firudin Safarov.

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