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Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Ahmad Agdamski (Badalbeyli) (1984-1954)
Ahmed Bashir oglu Badalbeyli (Agdamski) is a well-known opera singer. İn 1910 he began stage activity in theatre troupe of Nijat Charity Society. At the request of U. Hajibeyov Ahmad Badalbeyli started to play in Leyli and Majnun opera. A. Agdamski played lady images during 12 years on stage (Leyli and Majnun opera - Leyli, Asli and Kerem - Asli, If not, then this -  Gulnaz).

Bulbul (1897-1961)
Murtuza Mashadi Rza oglu Mammadov (Bulbul name was given him by the people for the extraordinarily charming voice) is the opera singer of Azerbaijan. He is considered as the founder of Azerbaijan professional vocal school.
In 1931, he graduated from Milan Conservatory (class of Delliponti and R. Granini). Roles of Koroglu in “Koroglu” opera of U.Hajibeyov, Asger in U.Hajibeyov’s Arshin mal alan), Garib (R.M. Glier “Shahsanem), etc. are the most memorable one.

Huseynaga Hajıbababeyov (1898-1972)
H. Hajibababeyov had played dramatic images, and as well as lady images.
From 1925 until 1972, the main performances of actor are as follows: Tsar Brendey, Indian Guest (Snow Maiden and Sadko - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), Server, Asker, Majnun, Karam (Mashadi Ibad, Arshin mal alan,Leyli and Majnun and Asli and Kerem- U.Hajibeyov), Lenski (Yevgeny Onegin- Pyotr Tchaikovsky), Count Almavivo (The Barber of Seville - Rossini Joakkino), etc.
Vasili Nikolski (1882-1967)
V. Nikolski graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1907. Arrived in Baku in 1919.
Vasili Nikolski was skilful performer of roles of Ibrahim Khan (Koroglu – U.Hajibeyov), Pimen and Boris Godunov (Boris Godunov - Modest Musorqski), Don Bazilio (The Barber of Seville - Rossini Joakkino), Lindor (Hofmanın tales - Jacques Offenbach), Prince Guda (Demon, Anton Rubistein), etc. in theater in Baku. 

Ağababa Bunyadzade (1915-1974)
A. Bunyadzade 1938 - 1939 studied at the Moscow Music School named of the Gnesins in the vocal department. He played roles in Leyli and Majnun (Nofal), R. Glier’s Shahsanem (Khan), Jacques Fromonotal Galevi’s Cardinal\'s daughter (Rudjiero), George Bise’s Carmen (Escamilio), Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida (Amonasro), Othello (Yaqo), Traviata (George Jermon), Riqoletto (Marullo), etc. operas.
Idris Agalarov (1917-1975)
Idris Farhad oglu Agalarov graduated from Conservatory in 1943, and class of S.K.Golskaya. Worked in Opera and Ballet Theater named after Akhundov. He sung in Shahvalad (Glier, Shahsanem), Yaver (J. Jahangirov, Free) and other operas. He had a baritone voice. In 1958 he was awarded the honorary title of People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan.

Haqiqat Rzayeva (1907-1969)
H. Rzayeva was known as soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theater, performer of music and folk songs in the 1927-1952. She had performed roles of Arabzangi (Shah Ismail - Muslim Magomayev), Leyli (Leyli and Majnun – Uzeir Hajibeyov), Shahsanem (Ashiq Garib - Zulfugar Hajibeyov).
Haqiqat Rzayeva played a role in feature film.

Huseyngulu Sarabski (1879-1945)
H. Sarabski is the first and the most outstanding performer of  Majnun image in Leyli and Majnun opera of U.Hajibeyov. He has performed this role for more than 400 times. H. Sarabski was engaged in drama, too.

Fatma Mukhtarova (1893-1973)
F. Mukhtarova graduated from the Saratov Conservatory. Actress became famous in various cities of Russia manly as performer of the Western European and Russian classical masters in various stages.
Vocal performer was invited in Baku in 1938, and played roles of Marfa and Marina, (Khovanshina, Modest Musorqski), Lyubasha, Bahar (Tsar Bride and Snow Girl, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), Amneris, Auzchena, Madalena (Aida,Troubadour and Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi), etc. The peak of soloist creation was role of Carmen.

Shovkat Mammadova (1897-1981)
Shovket Mammadova for the first time at theatrical stage sung a party of  Violenina of Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata opera.
She was a skilful performer of roles like Rozina (The Barber of Seville, Rossini Joakkino), Lakme (Lakme, Leo Delib), Olympia (Hofmanm tales, Jacques Offenbach), Snow Maiden (Snow Girl, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), Marqarito (Huguenots, Joacomo Meyerber), Gulchohra (Arshin mal alan, U.Hajibeyov).
In addition to the vocal skills Shovkat Mammodova was well-known theatrical figure.

Aliovset Sadigov (1906-1971)
U.Ü. The roles of lyric love heroes of the classic operas were performed by A.Sadigov very skillfully. Artist worked as teacher and consultant in Opera Theatre during the last years of his life.
Gulkhar Hasanov (1918-2005)
G. Hasanova was distinguished with own specificity in opera art of Azerbaijan. Images of Arabzangi in Muslum Magomayev’s Shah Ismail and Leyli and mother of Leyli in U.Hajibeyov’s opera Leyli and Majnun were the peak of her creation.

Sara Gadimova (1922-2005)
The name of S.Gadimova acting in leading roles of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater was remembered with images of Leyli and Asli. Mugams sung by her Bayati-Shiraz, Shur, Shahnaz, Qatar, Mahur-hindi, Kharij Segah , Karabakh Shikestesi occupy a special place in the history of music.

Faig Mustafayev (1923-1977)
F. Mustafayev has been a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1952.
Main roles performed by him: Hasan Khan (Koroglu), Nofal (Leyli and Majnun), Suleiman (Arshin mal alan), Shahvalad (Ashiq Garib), Abdulali bey (Sevil), Tonio (Jockers), Count Thomson ( Queen of spades), Commandant (Kornevil calls), Aleko (Aleko).

Rauf Atakishiyev (1925-1994)
R. Atakishiyev  graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory, class of K.K.Iqumnov and got lessons on vocal from  A.V.Nejdanova. Artist acted as Lenski (Evgeni Onegin, P. Tchaikovsky), Alfred (Traviata, J. Verdi), Almaviva (Seville barber, J. Rossini), Faust (Faust, S.Guno), Balash (Sevil, F.Amirov). He had a lyric-dramatic tenor voice and also is a pianist.

Abulfat Aliyev (1926-1990)
He was one of the prominent representatives of Azerbaijan Mugam and opera art. His main roles were Majnun (Leyli and Majnun), Karam (Asli and Kerem), Garib (Ashiq Garib), Shah Ismail (Shah Ismail).

Firudin Mehdiyev (1927)
F. Mehdiyev since 1957, worked in the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The main roles: Leyli\'s father (Leyli and Majnun), Hamza Bey (Koroglu), Van Gogh’s brother (Van Gogh, Nevit kodallı), Spalanitsani (Hofmanın tales, Jacques Offenbach), Radames (Aida ), Kanio (Jockers), The first prisoner (Man\'s Fate), etc.

Lutfiyar Imanov (1929-2008)
L. Imanov received his musical education in the class of Milovanov. In 1959 he performed in Moscow the main role of Koroglu in the Koroglu opera.
In 19756 months he had practice in the Italian city of Milan, at La Scala Theatre.
During 1991-1995 he gave lessons on vocal at opera theaters of Istanbul and Izmir. He played roles in classic opera works like Carmen, Faust, Othello, Trubador, Aida, Rigoletto, etc. 

Firangiz Ahmadova (1928)
F. Ahmedova performed successfully in the operas of Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European composers. Main parties: Nargis, Gulzar (Nargis, Shah Ismail, M. Magomayev), Nigar (Koroglu, U. Hajibeyli), Maro (Daisi, Z. Paliasvili), Aida (Aida, J.Verdi), etc.
She perfomed romances of both Azerbaijan, as well as the classical Russian composers (P. Tchaikovsky, Rakhmaninov, S. Taneyev and others).

Rubaba Muradova (1933-1983)
Main roles: Leyli (Leyli and Majnun – U.Hajibayov), Asli (Asli and Kerem – U.Hajibayov), Arabzengi (Shah Ismail - M. Magomayev), Shahsanem (Ashiq Garib - Z. Hajibayli), Sanam (Bride rock - S. Akhundova), etc. She was a skilful performer of mugam, tesnif and folks songs.

Mursal Badirov (1931-2003)
Roles performed by  M.Badirov George Bise’s Carmen (Escamilo and Morales), Peter Tchaikovsky’s, Yevgeny Onegin (Onegin), Jakomo Puccini’s Tosca (Caesar Anjelotti), Charles Quno’s Faust (Valentin), Sergey Rakhmaninov’s Aleko (Aleko), U. Hajibeyov’s Koroglu (Ali), Leyli and Majnun (Nofal), Muslim Magomayev’s Shah Ismail (old Arabic), etc. are the successful achievements in art.

Adil Melikov (1933)
Adil Melikov is  soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1965. Soloist’s main roles: Koroglu (Koroglu), Yusif Sarraj (Betrayed stars, M. Guliyev), Khan (Bride\'s rock), Rashid Bey (The fate of singer), etc. He is lyric-dramatic tenor.

Zeynab Khanlarova (1936)
Z. Khanlarova had performed images of  Leyli and Asli in Leyli and Majnun, Asli and Kerem operas. Her repertoire is rich mugams, tesnifs, folk songs of Azerbaijan, songs of Azerbaijani composers and the Eastern nations. She is a first performer of “Chahargah” mugam among female singers of Azerbaijan.

Arif Babayev (1938)
A. Babayev, for the first time in 1990  received the title of the professor of music. He performed roles of Majnun (U.Hajibeyov’s Leyli and Majnun opera), Karam (U.Hajibeyov’s Asli and Kerem opera), Shah Ismail (Muslim Magomayev’s “Shah Ismail opera), Ashiq Garib (U. Hajıbeyov’s Ashiq Garib opera ), Jamal (Shafiga Akhundova’s Bride rock opera).

Janali Akbarov (1940)
J. Akbarov sicne 1976 is a soloist of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
The main roles: Majnun (Leyli and Majnun), Karam (Asli and Kerem), Garib (Ashiq Garib), Jamal (Bride rock), Shah Ismail (Shah Ismail), Muezzin (Sevil”), Akhund (Betrayed stars, M. Guliyev), etc.

Baba Mahmudoglu (1940-2006)
B. Mirzayev (Baba Mahmudoglu) though  graduated from Oil Academy, but since 1962 he has started activity as a probationer in the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. He had performed roles of Majnun in “Leyli and Majnun” Garib in Ashiq Garib” Kerem in Asli and Kerem, Clown in Koroglu, Shah Ismail in Shah Ismail, Mir Seyed in “The fate of singer.

Shahlar Guliyev (1946)
Sh. Guliyev is one of the main soloists of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Roles of  Nofal in Leyli and Majnun,  Aslan shah in Shah Ismail,  Shahvalad in Ashuq Garib, Atakishi in Sevil, Amonasro in Aida,  Monterone  in Rigoletto , Skarpia in Tosca, Escamilio in Carmen, Tonio in Payatsı,  Shonar in Bohemian played by him as a highly professional at all times, and won audience’s sympathy.
Fidan Gasimova (1947)
F. Gasimova is participant of international competitions held in 1973 in Switzerland (Geneva) and in 1975, in the Netherlands (Hertogenbos) winner of competition named after J. Viotti in 1977 (Vercelli in Italy, first prize). She is the first Azerbaijani female singer awarded the title of laureate of international competitions.
Roles: Nigar (Koroglu, U. Hajibeyli), Mikael (Carmen, J. Bise), Margaret (Faust, S.Guno), Desdemona, Aida (Othello, Aida, J. Verdi), Sevil (Sevil, F. Amirov), etc. Her repertoire includes camera-vocal works of Azerbaijani, Russian and European composers. 

Sabir Aliyev (1948)
S. Aliyev In 1968, while being a student, was invited in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre and 42 years he is a soloist of the Department of Musical Theatre.

Gandab Guliyeva (1949)
Gandab Guliyeva Habib kizi graduated in 1980 from the School of Music named after A. Zeynalli. In 1982 she is the soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Her roles: Leyli, Asli, (Leyli and Majnun, Asli and Kerem, U. Hajibeyli), Arabzangi (Shah Ismail, M. Magomayev), Shahsenem (Ashiq Garib, Z. Hajibayli), A girl singer (Vagif” R.Mustafayev), Gulbahar (Bride rock, S.Akhundova), etc.
Her repertoire consists of mugham, folk songs and songs of the composers of Azerbaijan. Since 1992 she is the People\'s Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Khuraman Gasimova (1951)
Kh. Gasimova is winner of 5th Transcaucasian Competition performers in 1977 (1977, first prize), the same year 7th All-Union competition of vocalists named after M. Glinka and in 1981, Maria Callas International Competition (Athens, she was awarded Grand Prix the gold medal), as well as 8th  International Competition of performers (Moscow, 1982)  named after P. Tchaikovsky: Sevil and Dilber (Sevil, F. Amirov), Nigar (Koroglu, U. Hajibeyli), Mimi and Muzetta (Bohemian, J. Puccini), Desdemona, Aida (Othello, Aida , J. Verdi), Tatyana (Yevgeny Onegin , P.Tchaikovsky), etc.

Nizami Bagirov (1951)
N. Bagirov working in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet theater since 1972. 
N. Bagirov twice participated in the Transcaucasian competition of vocalists and became the winner of the competition and awarded with diploma.

Sahiba Abbasova (1956)
S.Abbasova is  a soloist of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1976. She performed the role of Arabzengi in M. Magomayev’s Shah Ismail opera, mother of Leyli in Leyli and Majnun opera of U.Hajibeyov, Tutu in S.Akhundova’s  Bride rock opera, mother of Garib in Ashiq Garib opera of Z. Hajibeyov.

Sakina Ismayilova (1956)
S. Ismailova performed the leading roles at stage of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, mugham operas, like Leyli in Leyli and Majnun, Asli in Asli and Kerem, Gulbahar in “Bride rock, Shahsenem  in Ashiq Garib, etc. 
Sakina Ismayilova had established for the first time the music trio consisting of women and with this small team she has made performances in a number of foreign countries in recent years. 

Alim Kasimov (1957)
A. Kasimov, in 1999, he received the IMC UNESCO Music Prize.
A. Kasimov has been awarded a special nomination. He was one of 4 Azerbaijanis from 500 well-known Muslims of the world\'s most prestigious competition held by the Georgetown University and the Center for Strategic Studies Center in Jordan. 

Garina Kerimova (1964)
G. Kerimova was the winner and the laureate of many international vocal competitions (competition of vocalists named after M. Glinka, VII Transcaucasian Competition, I International Competition for vocalists named after Bulbul). She played leading roles in many national operas (Nigar - Koroglu, Sevil - Sevil) and classical (Aida - Aida, Tosca - Tosca, Chio-Chio-San - Chio-Chio-San”, Mikaella - Carmen) opera performances.
In 2003, by the invitation of the leadership of the Russian State Academic Grand Theatre, G. Kerimova performed successfully at stage of that theater the role of Tosca of Puccini’s Tosca.

Azer Zeynalov (1964)
A. Zeynalov entered Baku Music Academy, the vocal department, while at the 3rd course (in 1994) went to Italy and entered vocal department of the Academy of Music Avgustino Stefanno of Italy an after one year study he returned to Baku.
He was awarded with many prizes. In 1995, by the European Turkish-Islamic Cultural Society he was awarded with the gold medal.

Mansum Ibrahimov (1960)
M. Ibrahimov currently plays many leading roles of performances. However he is famous as a skilful player of the role Majnun (U.Hajibayov’s Leyli and Majnun).

Gulnaz Ismayilova (1960)
G. Ismailova was winner of music performers of Transcaucasian Competition (1985), and 1 International Competition of vocalists named after Bulbul (1997).
Since 2001, she is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Ali Asgerov(1961)
A. Asgerov took part in many international vocal competitions and festivals.
He became winner of Grand Prix of 1st International Competition in 1997. In 1998, he performed successfully at the 17-th International Opera Festival named after F.Salyapin (Kazan), and in 2000, Berlioz Festival (France), etc. 

Akram Poladov (1964)
A.Poladov graduated from Baku Musical Academy and the Italian Opera Academy in Ozimo. He is student of the international vocal competition in Italy.
A.Poladov presently is one of soloists of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.  

Aliahmad Ibragimov (1965)
A. Ibrahimov, since 1993, works in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.
He performs professionally minor parties in the repertoire of the theater either in national or classical operas. 

Zenfira Ismailova (1966)
Z. Ismailova, since 1992, works in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. She worked for several years in Turkey\'s Antalya Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Aygun Bayramova (1967)
A. Bayramova since 2002 is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2002, she became the honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic, and in 2005 was awarded the honorary titles of the People\'s Artist.
She is a Presidential Scholar and Lecturer at the National Conservatory and Music College.

Gulistan Aliyeva (1967)
G. Aliyeva works in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1997. G. Aliyeva is engaged in concert activity, too.
Since 2005 she has been awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist.

Hasan Enami (1967)
H. Enami is a participant of a number of international competitions and award winner. In 1997, he became the winner of the first competition of vocalists in the republic, and in December of the same year, at the 1st International Vocal Contest named after Bul-Bul he won 2nd place prize and the title of the best tenor, and in 1998 was awarded the diploma of the Tchaikovsky International Competition.

Gulyaz Mammadova (1970)
G. Mammadova since 1992 is soloist of the Department of Mugham of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. 

Nazakat Teymurova (1972)
N. Teymurova for the first time had debuted in opera of U. Hajibeyli Leyli and Majnun .

Avaz Abdullayev (1976)
A.Abdullayev was a winner of 1st prize at the Russkaya pesnya contest held in Republic and at the same time got the name of laureate of the 3rd International Competition of vocalists  named after Bulbul (fourth place).

Fidan Hajiyeva (1976)
F. Hajiyeva since 1996 is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
In 2002, she trained as the Italian training course at the Academy of Music in Kidjiana and was awarded a special diploma.

Inara Babayeva (1977)
I. Babayeva since 2002 is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. I. Babayeva participated in a number of festivals and contests, and became the winner and student.

Samir Jafarov (1976)
S. Jafarov was a winner (2nd place) of International Competition of vocalists, held in Almaty in 2001, and in 2002 he studied in Moscow at Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre.

Tayyar Bayramov (1976)
T. Bayramov is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 2006.
He became a winner of Music Competition held on occasion of 120 year anniversary of U. Hajibeyli in 2006, and Grand Prix was a prize winner at International Music Competition held in Baku in 2009. 

Sabuhi Ibayev (1976)
Sabuhi Tahir oglu Ibayev graduated from Music College named after A. Zeynalli and the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. S.Ibayev began scene activity at Musical Theatre.
Since 2002 he has been working in Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Sabuhi Ibayev also performs at a wide range of concerts, sings folk songs and mughams.

Natavan Novrasli (1977)
N. Novrasli graduated from the Baku Music Academy  in 2002. Since 2006, she is soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

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