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Opera Theater was separated from National Academic Drama Theatre in 1925, and joined to collective of present Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (then called as the Russian Opera). For the first ten years the company was separate and its chief directors also worked as independent. Later, chief director headed all the staff of the theater.

Huseyngulu Sarabski (1879-1945)
H. Sarabski was also well known as an opera singer as well as opera director. He made directorship to all operas and operettas of U.Hajibeyov and Zulfugar Hajibeyov in different years.

Abbas Mirza Sharifzade (1893-1938)
The name of A. Sharifzade was fixed in the history of Azerbaijani theatre not only as an actor. Great artist also is considered as one of the first directors. Thus, Abbas Mirza staged works like  Sheikh Sanan, Oktay Eloglu, Aydin, Agha Mohammad Shah Gajar, Karam Gachag and was a director of  operas like Leyli and Majnun, Asli and Kerem, Ashiq Garib, Shah Ismail.

Ismail Hidayetzade (1901-1951)
İ. Hidayatzade worked as deputy of Ivanov, one of the Russian film directors working in the State Theater. In 1934, staging of work Siyavush is assigned to him. After the “Siyavush” that approved by theatre critics I. Hidayetzade had also staged “Koroglu” and “Karmen” operas in Opera and Ballet Theater.

Yusif  Yulduz (1905-1978)
Y. Yulduz Art graduated in 1928 from Faculty of director and drama actor of Leningrad  stage art Institute, and he was the first Azerbaijani film director with professional education in directorship. He had staged in theatre plays of  Mirza Ibrahimov Life ,   Bride of Fire of Jafar Jabbarly,  William Shakespeare\'s Othello.

Soltan Dadashov (1906-1969)
During 38 years of directorship in Opera and Ballet Theater S. Dadashov directed U.Hajibeyov’s If not it, then that (Mashadi Ibad), Arshin mal alan, Leyli and Majnun (in some plays), Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto, Traviada.

Shamsi Badalbeyli (1911-1986)
Sh. Badalbeyli was art director and director of the Philharmony (1974-1976). He directed Koroglu, Asli and Kerem, The Barber of Seville  works in the Opera and Ballet Theater. In 1957 he had staged “Koroglu’ opera in the Opera and Ballet Theater of Turkmenistan.

Mehdi Mammadov (1918-1985)
M. Mammadov had got  higher education in directorship in Moscow.
Performances prepared by the famous director in Opera and Ballet Theater: Fikret Amirov’s Sevil (1953 and 1959), Leo Delib’s Lakme (1957), Jahangir Jahangirov’s Free (1957), U. Hajibeyov’s Leyli and Majnun (1958 and 1978 ), Koroglu (1959), Cakomo Puccini’s Tosca (1960), etc.

Jannat Salimova (1940)
J. Salimova studied at  Leningrad State Theatre, Music and Cinematography Institute. He staged operas like  “Payatsı (R. Leonkovallo), Traviata (J. Verdi), Boqema (C. Puccini) in the  Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Hafiz Guliyev (1965)
H. Guliyev was appointed as chief director of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera Theater and Ballet in 1996. Today, works like Leyli and Majnun, Arshin mal alan from repertoire of U.Hajibeyov,  Sevil by F. Amirov ,”Ashiq Garib by Z. Hajibeyov”, “The rock of bride” by Sh. Akhundova, “Vagif” by R.Mustafayev  were staged in the theater by Hafiz Guliyev.

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