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When the first national opera Leyli and Majnun (Uzeir Hajibeyov) was put on stage in January 12, 1908, the work of conductor of compact team accompanying the work was performed in the orchestra by prose writer and playwright, theatre worker  Abdurrahman bey Hagverdiyev. In subsequent years, the role of conductor was performed by Uzeir Hajibeyov, Muslim Magomayev, David Slavinski.
After the Opera and Ballet Theatre became as state institution works in the field of preparation of national conductors were done.

Afrasiyab Badalbeyli (1907-1976)
 After receiving an education in Baku A.Badalbeyli had an education at the Leningrad Conservatory’s music school. His music composed for Jafar Jabbarly’s  workBride of Fire at the age of 20 was appreciated by art lovers. For a long time he acted as assistant conductor of at opera and ballet theaters of Moscow and Leningrad. From 1938 until the end of his life he worked as conductor of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. A.. Badalbeyli is the first author of the ballet in Azerbaijan. At the age of 33 he laid a foundation of Azeri ballet with ballet Maiden Tower in the history of music.

Ashraf Hasanov (1909-1983)
A. Hasanov conducted ballets and operas of Azerbaijan  and Western European composers at Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre like (Leyli and Majnun, Koroglu (Uzeyir Hajibeyov), Traviata, Aida (Giuseppe Verdi), Carmen (C. Bise) etc.

Niyazi (1912-1984)
N. Taghizadeh received his first education in Baku, and later  continued in the cities Moscow and Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). 
His is an author of Khosrov and Shirin opera (1942), Chitra ballet (1961), Zagatala suite (1934), Qaytagı (1939), A concert waltz symphonic works, Rast symphonic mugham (1949),  In 1920” opera-cantata, for symphonic orchestra Dancing suite”, “Chitra ballet  created on the basis of the work of Indian writer Rabindranat Tagore (1962), etc. musical works.
Formation and development of the school Azerbaijani conductor is connected with his name.
For a number of successful performances as a conductor in countries of Europe and Asia in 1959 he was awarded the title People\'s Artist of the USSR. In addition, the USSR State Prize, and the Nehru Prize in India for creation of Chitra ballet. 

Kazim Aliverdibeyov (1934)
K. Aliverdibeyov had been working works as conductor and chief conductor at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1960. He conducted many opera and ballet performances included in the repertoire of the theater - Leyli and Majnun, Ashiq Garib, Bride rock, Shah Ismail, Vagif, Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, Carmen, Don Quixote (Minkus), Giselle, Khazar ballad, Bolero, Carmen-suite, Pakhita, Sopeniana.
K. Aliverdibeyov worked for several years in the Republic of Turkey, and taught at Izmir City Conservatory.

Rauf Abdullayev (1937)
Rauf Abdullayev educated in Baku and graduated from State Conservatoire in Leningrad on specialty of conductor. However, in 1991-94 he was the artistic director and chief conductor of Ankara State Opera and Ballet Theatre, was a participant in international music festivals and projects.
 His repertoire includes many works of Western European, Russian composers. 

Kamil Vezirov (1949)
K. Vezirov worked in 1974-1990, and since 1993 in Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre named after R. Behbudov at high grade conductor.

Azad Aliyev (1951)
A. Aliyev had started the activity of conductor in the student chamber orchestra with a lot of performances. Since 1992 he had prepared at Opera Studio many opera performances - Aida, Traviata, Hidden marriage, Sevil, Arshin mal alan, etc. as conductor.
Since 2006, has been working as art director and chief conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra named after Niyazi in Azteleradio Closed Joint-Stock Company. 

Javanshir Jafarov (1953)
J. Jafarov had graduated from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Conservatory choir-conducting faculty in 1977. During 1985-1990 he worked as the chief conductor of Musical Comedy Theater, and has conducted the following performances: Strauss’s Bat”, Kalman’s Silva, Marisa, Bayadera, Leqar’s Merry widow and others.
Since 1996, he works at the position of chief conductor of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Repertoire: U. Hajibeyov’s Koroglu”; F. Amirov’s Sevil, Verdi’s Aida, Riqoletto, Traviata; Bise’s Carmen, Puccini’s, Madame Butterfly; Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake; Adan’s Ciselle; Minkus’s Don Quixote; F. Amirov’s 1001 nights, etc.

Elchin Elchiyev (1954)
E. Elchiyev had received  a qualification of orchestra conductor  of folk-instruments in the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after U. Hajibeyov. Since 1990, from the establishment of the State Philarmonic in Ganja named after F. Amirov he had been appointed as artistic director of folk-instruments orchestra.

Teymur Goychayev (1958)
Teymur Goychayev participated in 1985,a t the contest of Transcaucasian music performers and became winner. However, since 1998, he is an artistic director of Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after Gara Garayev.

Yalchin Adigozalov (1959)
Y. Adigozalov studied in Baku, and entered in 1983 the Leningrad State Conservatoire named after N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov on the specialty of conductor. Performed as freelance conductor in Baku, Turkey, Moscow.

Nazim Hajıalibeyov (1959)
N. Hajıalibeyov  was in the practice in Moscow, Bolshoy Theatre in 1987 and in 1990 became conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of Opera after completing the practice. Since 1992, he has been chief conductor of the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre.
During this period he conducted music of more than 25 classic and modern works.

Elman Aliyev (1960)
E.Aliyev had started activity since 1984 the Philharmonic Society of the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Nakhichevan as a musician. He works as art director and chief conductor of Folk Instruments Orchestra since 2000. At present he is the Director of the Philharmonic. He worked works of composers of Europe and Azerbaijan in 30 scores at Folk Instruments Orchestra. These works have been performed many times.

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