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Agrarian - industrial complex (AIC).
The main purpose of the AIC is to supply population with food and food products, cattle breeding with feeds, the industry with the raw material. The AIS is interaction of agriculture with the industry. There are strong opportunities for the development of agriculture. The heat and light is enough in the republic, and it allows taking the product in 2 times, allowing the use of pastures throughout the year. Most of the production is on irrigated lands. 61% of the agriculture is provided by farming, and 39% by the cattle-breeding.
Grain planting is the main field in agriculture. 20% of the demand for grain in republic is met locally and rest are taken from outside. The average productivity per hectare is 17 centners. Grain planting is divided in non-irrigated and irrigated. Non-irrigated (rain irrigated) wheat production is mostly on the mountainous regions. Irrigated grain planting was developed in the lowland (plain) regions. In grain planting Sheki, Ismayilli, Shamakhi, Jalilabad, Sabirad, Agjabedi, Balakan, Beylagan regions distinguished especially.
Fodder crops are the second field after grain. It is a base of cattle breeding. Forage crops include barley, maize, sunflower, sugar beet, rice, etc. According to barley is mainly planted in Sheki, Jalilabad, Agjabedi, etc., corn in Sheki, Zagatala, sunflower in Sheki, Zagatala, Ismayilli, Shamakhi, sugar beet in Nakhichevan,  rice in Lankaran. (Rice forgotten for a long time).
Agricultural crops - the majority of income in the industrial complex. Technical planting includes the following:
Cotton - the strategic important, very profitable area. It is mainly grown in the Kur-Araz lowland.
Tobacco growing – II grade technical plant, most is the commodity. In particular it is grown in Sheki, Oguz, Gabala, Zagatala, Balakan, Masalli, Yardimli, Lerik, Gubadli, Zangilan, the Upper Karabakh, Kalbajar (mountainous regions), also in Sharur and Shahbuz of Nakhichevan.
Tea growing- in the Caucasus, after Georgia (Kolkhida plain) the second place. Mainly planted in Lankaran, Astara, and Masalli and partly in Zagatala.
Saffron - the most valuable plant. It is planted in Absheron – Bilgah.
Henna plant – It is planted in.Nakhchivan, Kurdamir, Salyan, Zagatala 
Vegetable and melon – it is in all areas. Vegetable growing is in Guba-Khachmaz and Lankaran regions. Khachmaz is for late growing vegetables, but Lankaran is specialized for fresh vegetable. Melon cultivation is in Sabirabad, Saatly, Kurdamir, Zardab, Imishli and Absheron peninsula (Zira, Turkan, Hovsan). Kuramir melon, water melon of Sabirabad and Zira, onion from Hovsan are famous.
Potato – it is planted in the western region of the Azerbaijan, in Shamkir, Gadabay, Tovuz, partly Dashkesan, Goygol, Gusar. Majority is non-irrigated crops but the least part is irrigated.
Viticulture - is one of the most advanced profitable areas, but also is a very labor-intensive. Grape is planted both in irrigated (60%), and dry-farming land (40%) conditions. Cultivated varieties (over 250) are technical (the majority), table grapes and raisins grapes. The first place in grape production belongs to Ganja-Kazakh (Shamkir, Tovuz, Samukh), second place - the Kur-Araz (Beylagan and in the south east foot of the Lesser Caucasus, Fizuli, Jabrail, Zangilan), third place is Shamakhi and Nakhchivan.
Gardening is the specialized field.
Seedy fruit (apple) – mostly is planted in Guba - Khachmaz, Sheki-Zagatala, Mountainous Shirvan, nuts and fruit - (walnut, hazelnut, chestnut) – in Sheki and Zagatala, pip fruit (apricot, peach, plum), dry subtropical fruits (pomegranate , quince) in Kura - Araz lowland, southern fruits (pistachio, almond, fig, olive) – in Absheron, citrus fruits (lemon, orange, tangerine, feijoa) in Lankaran - Astara, mulberry tree - planted in lowland regions and Upper Karabagh.
 Livestock - are the product for local consumption, does not pay meet all demands.
 Cattle breeding (both meat and milk-meat) - is based on the rural economy. The local cattle (cows) occupy the main place. There are cattle in all regions. Buffalo breeding is developed in Sheki – Zagatala. In Lerik-Yardimly regions – zebu and zebu type cattles.
Sheep breeding- is based on summer - winter pastures and on the natural forage base. Wool and skin is raw materials for light industry. Is profitable area, because the number grows fast, requires the less labor cost, less feed. It is of meat and wool directed. Main sorts are mountain merinos, for slaughter Balbas (Nakhchivan), Karabakh, Gala (Absheron) types.
Poultry - poultry facilities are in the extremities of the city of Baku, Ganja, Nakhchivan. Kept in individual farms.
Silkworm breeding – in areas of planting of mulberry tress in lowland and highland regions (Balaken, Zagatala, Gakh).
Apiculture - in foothills and mountainous regions (sub-alpine meadows).
The new state plans is developed in Azerbaijan for development of agrarian - industrial complex. 

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