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Service sector


Areas of infrastructure and service sector
As with other areas in recent years, significant improvements have taken place in this area. The new hospitals, health centers, schools, gardens, hotels, resort areas built in regions may be examples of it. At the same time, the serious and major projects carried out in connection with the provision of housing for population, these projects mainly aimed to solve the problems of housing of war veterans and disabled.
Development of education and science is one of the directions of country\'s strategic development of the country. The country has a very strong scientific potential. In Azerbaijan\'s 25 public high schools 101.7 thousand students study. Half of the scientific potential of the country is accumulated in institutions of higher education. Recently, the number of private higher education institutions is rapidly increasing in republic.
In recent years, significant improvements have taken place in the field of health. Dozens of private and public hospitals have been opened meeting the modern standards. State hospitals refused the paid service.  
The resort-tourist area is one of the main directions of complex development of economy. For the development of the tourist resort economy all kind of natural, climate, landscape conditions, and historical and archaeological monuments, economic opportunities are available here. 
The most important natural recreation resources in the country located on the banks of the Caspian Sea. Abundant solar energy of summer months. hot sands expand its rest, as well as  treatment opportunities.
Goy-gol and the lakes system around it, around of the Batabat lake, the waters and the microclimate are important reserves of natural recreation. The mountains in Sheki-Baku, Ganja-Kazakh, Guba, Shaki, Lankaran-Astara, Upper Karabakh economic regions, forests there, natural and climatic conditions, zones of protected areas and reserves can be used for the development of tourism and the rest of the population. Other reserves, rare plants and animal species in them, the natural-climatic conditions should be used for this purpose.
Treatment facilities of mineral springs existing in republic are very high and on the bases of some of them large resort-sanatorium complexes are created. Now on the basis of Istisu (1972), and Galaalti mineral springs such complexes have been created. Mineral springs of Nakhichevan are widely used.
There are a lot of recreational resources of the architectural, archaeological, art monuments with anthropogenic origin. Recreation resources attract the population of this country and as well as foreign tourists. Rock pictures in Gobustan, Gamiqaya caves, Damjili caves, Alinja, Chirag, Javanshir, Arkivan towers, the city ruins found in different regions are the most important archaeological monuments. Sirvansahlar Palace, Maiden Tower, the Fortress walls in Baku, the Khan Palace in Sheki, historical and architectural monuments of Ganja, Shamakhi, Nakhichevan, Ordubad, Guba, Lankaran, etc. cities built in different historical periods are examples of architectural objects for sightseeing of tourists. 

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