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Line of development of science in Azerbaijan


The advancement of science is one of the important priorities of the state policy in Azerbaijan. As the social, economic, scientific and technical, environmental and information factors are of primary importance in international relations, it gave impetus to the science development through forwarding national interests of the Azerbaijan Republic. As socio-economic power of the state, defensive capability of the country and national security, cultural and spiritual progress of society and people’s welfare are directly related to the level of development of science. At present the trends for the development of the Azerbaijan science that serves for the state independence of Azerbaijan, its socio-economic and cultural and spiritual development, socio-political stability, national security, active integration to the international world and at the same time for the maintaining of the intellectual and material values, are defined as follows:
1. Ensuring the efficiency of research carried out in ANAS, other research institutions and higher educational establishments, the use of research outcomes in socio-economical and other areas.
2. The protection and development of the scientific and technical potentials, efficient use of the potential for caring about public health and ensuring the environmental safety, the increase of information reserves and the acceleration of the innovation processes.
3. The intensification of the works through coordination and direction of the research activities carried out at the research and higher educational institutions.
4. A wide use of democratic contest and competition excepting the monopolistic possibilities in science, creation of conditions for sufficient disclosure of creative potential of scientists of the Republic;
5. The elaboration of complex target programs and their financing on a competitive basis at the research institutions.
6. Creation of conditions and expansion of the practice of involving the foreign scientists in the work within scientific exchange with the purpose to allow ANAS to turn into the centre conducting international scientific projects and programs.
7. Development activities in the sphere of training of the highly skilled scientific brainpower for ANAS, strengthening of the cooperation with the higher educational institutions of the Republic.
8. Preparation of highly skilled personnel through getting education and experience at foreign countries.

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