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Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences


Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is a superior state authority that administers scientific, as well as scientific and technical policy of the Azerbaijan Republic. The Academy directly influences on the development of science in Azerbaijan, coordinates and directs scientific activities of all the scientific organizations and high schools, organizes and ensures the development of science in the republic. Its main aim is to intensify socio-economic development of the country by acquiring new knowledge through carrying out fundamental and applied researches in nature, technics, social sciences and the humanities.  
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was established in 1945. During this period the Academy turned into a giant organization and the major centre of fundamental researches. The establishment of the Academy was a natural result of a century-long formation of scientific thinking in Azerbaijan. The scientific achievements, numerous innovations, high experienced trained brainpower fostered by Academy for 60 years played a crucial role in the formation of the present independent Azerbaijan Republic as a democratic and legal state.
The activities of the Academy are arranged in accordance with the up-to-date scientific trends recognized in the world and at the same time meet the interests of our republic. There are scientific departments, scientific, as well as scientific service and social service institutions operating in the Academy. The Academy unites the members of the Academy (full members, corresponding members and foreign members), doctors emeritus, scientific workers and specialists involved in scientific, as well as scientific service, educational and social service institutions of the Academy. 
The superior body of the Academy is General Meeting consisting of its full members, corresponding members and foreign members. The administrative authority that exercises duties and functions of the Academy is Presidium. The Presidium is composed of a president, first vice-president, vice-presidents, academician-secretary, academicians-secretaries of scientific departments and other members of the Academy. The Presidium is governed by the president. The scientific, scientific service, educational and social service, encyclopaedias, editorial office for issuing magazines and other scientific publications, academic councils, committees, commissions and societies operate by the Presidium. 
At present there are more than 10300 employees, including about 5500 scientific workers, about 500 Doctors of Philosophy, more than 2000 candidates of science working in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The Academy has 60 full and 107 correspondent members. They are working in research structures of the Academy and other institutions. 

At different times the most prominent scientists acted as presidents of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
Mirasadulla Mirgasimov Miralasgar 
Yusif Mammadaliyev Heydar 
Musa Aliyev Mirza 
Zahid Khalilov Ismail
Rustam Ismailov Hajiali
Hasan Abdullayev Mammadbagir
Eldar Salayev Yunis
Faramaz Magsudov Gazanfar, etc.
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences consists of six departments: Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences, Department of Chemical Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences and regional Nakhchivan Department. 
Scientific departments are comprised of scientific, scientific service institutions, problem-solving councils, commissions, committees, scientific societies, as well as scientific editions in accordance with the profile of the department. The research in Nakhchivan branch covers extensive scientific trends. 
There operate 66 organizations, including 48 research and 9 engineering and design institutions, 2 regional scientific centres, 4 museums, 2 observatories, 3 research works and Azerbaijan National Encyclopaedia Scientific Centre.
The institutions for fundamental and applied research make up the main structural nucleus of the Academy.
Institutions develop and implement work plans, carry out international scientific and technological cooperation, set up scientific publications and fulfil editorial activities in accordance with important scientific trends of the Academy 
Regional scientific centres study natural resources, history, culture and various problems of socio-economic development of the respective departments.
The multibranch research was carried out and valuable publications edited in the Academy with respect to centuries-old history, diversified economy of Azerbaijan, the history of the culture of Azerbaijani people, rich heritage of our language and literature, social and philosophical thought, science and art.

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