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The achievements of the Azerbaijan science


The major scientific achievements popularized Azerbaijan science in the world can be summarized as follows:
1. The application of the radiotechnology as a new tendency in the oil-extracting industry.;
2. The invention of a new type of fuel for jet engines.
3. The concept of an ecological civilization (EcoCivil) as a purpose of continuous development.
4. A training on the complex of the fauna of cephalopod mollusc (belemnite)
5. For the first time the determination of the rotation spectrum of trans-conformer of the molecule of ethyl alcohol;
6. The Research of elementary electron and molecular processes caused by the effect of the strong electric field in high-molecular systems;
7. The study of the conformational analysis of twelve-membered cycles. 
8. The research of phenomenon in strong nonlinear laminar Gase crystals;
9. The theory of macrokinetics of coherent synchronized chemical and biochemical reactions;
10. Electromagnetic non-decay methods of the study of semiconductors;
11. The optoacoustic method of information processing;
12. The Scientific basis for safety problems of aircrafts of civil aviation;
13. The determination of the mechanisms of antioxidant action of sulfuric derivatives of phenol and amines;
14. Methodological basis of mathematical modelling and optimal control of continuous technological processes and productions;
15. The invention of the possibility of preparation of the mixed complexes from transient elements of nitro-compounds and organic acids;
16. The theory and principles of modelling and optimization of non-stationery catalytic process;
17. For the first time the application of injector without syringe in gastroduodenal haemorrhage in human beings;
18. Classification of hypertension and hypotension in children and teen-agers.
19. The idea of creation of the logical type of Turkic languages.

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