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Construction industry



The products of construction industry include cement, iron-concrete constructions and panels, cubic stones, brick, glass, slate, asbestos-cement pipe, heat-insulating, polymer-construction materials, and linoleum, and plumbing, chemical windows-doors products.
The majority of objects of construction industry are centralized in Absheron due to the abundance of raw materials and high demand. There are building stones, raw material for cement, glass and construction sand, bitumen, ceramic raw materials in this region. 60% of building-construction works of Republic are conducted in Absheron. Garadagh, Guzdek, Shuvelan, Korgoz stone quarries, Garadagh cement, Baku asbestos-cement, iron-concrete construction plants, enterprises of plactic door-windows and various plumbing products, Sumgait glass plant are the main enterprises in the region.
The abundance of natural construction materials and great demand in Gandja-Qazakh economic region resulted in the establishment of large-panel house-building plant, industrial-construction plant in Gandja, iron-concrete product enterprise in Qazakh and Zeyem, construction plants in Dashkesen and Tovuz.


The production iron-concrete products, large-panel house-building, thermal insulator is the main field in Mingechevir. There are construction centers in Agdam, Khankendi, Berde, Horadiz in Garabakh region and in Shirvan, Hadjigabul, Imishli, Bahramtepe regions of Lower Kur.
Now the production of dry construction admixtures, including gypsum products, tile-ceramic tile adhesives, spreading, hydro-insulating, heat-insulating masonry and plaster mixtures, decorative plaster mixtures, slaked lime, paint products, brick, etc prevail in the production of construction products in Azerbaijan.
Furniture industry is one of the greatest fields of construction industry of Azerbaijan. Furniture production developed on several stages in Azerbaijan.
The geo-strategic stance of the country, the position of our country in the intersection of Europe and Asian continents – on the historical “Silk Road” give great advantages to our country.

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