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Azerbaijani oil


Aga Neymetullah
A.Neymetullah was born in Sarab city of South Azerbaijan in 1896. He is considered the inventor of sloping drilling with turbine and 2-roll drilling. He drilled the first sloping well with turbine for the first time in the world in Bibiheybet in 1941.

Suleyman Elekber Bagir oglu (1916-2000)
Professor E.Suleymanov had been the inventor of the construction of hydro-technical units and well equipment for oil and gas development, and number of scientific and practical suggestion in this direction.
He led and participated in the construction of hydro-technical units and well equipment for the development of oil and gas fields in the deep areas of the Caspian, which led to the long-term development of oil production in independent Azerbaijan.

Khanoglan Veli oglu Bayramov (1933-1999)
K.Bayramov had been one of the constructors of the Oil Rocks. He participated in the construction of the first fields, residential houses, piers in the middle of the sea and had been faithful to this difficult profession for more than 30 years.

Behmen Abish oglu Hadjiyev (1926-1998)
He participated and led the methods of stubby slope drilling of well in the “Oil Rocks”, the drilling of two wells from one point by slope drilling the establishment of enlarged points for the collection and preservation of oil; he put forward new methods for the exploration of oil wells, helped to solve the applying of complex methods of pipelines, communication activities, the issues of transportation and unloading of oil with tankers.
He proposed the issues of save technology of testing carrying capacity of drilling derricks and other lifting units, as well as the problems concerning the development of “Tengis” fields with sulfur-hydrogen composition.

Mirkazim Mirehed oglu Mammadov (1911-1997)
M.Mammadov actively participated in the development of famous oil and gas fields in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian and other works that demand hard labor.

Aga Gurban oglu Aliyev (1911-1997)
A.G.Aliyev, doctor of geology-mineralogy sciences, honored engineer of Azerbaijan Republic, as a result of his geological researches he gave the prognoses of oil and gas fields in the Baku and Absheron archipelagos, and grounded where geological searches and exploration operations should be conducted. Several oil and gas fields were found in the Caspian under the leadership and with the participation of legendary Oil Rocks inventor Aga Gurban oglu Aliyev; “Oil Rocks”, “Gurban-deniz”, “Qum adasi”, “Bahar’ and others are several of them; up to 20 rich oil and gas fields including “Kurovdagh”, “Mishovdagh”, “Garadagh”, “Garachukhur” in the Absheron peninsula were found. After the discovery of “Oil Rocks”, following the Oil Rocks on this large anticlinal line, oil fields with large deposits, such as “Guneshli”, “Chirag”, “Kepez”, “Azeri” were discovered.

Enver Eliheyder oglu Mammadov (1930-1996)
E.A.Mammadov led the rational development of “Oil Rocks” and “Palchig Pilpilesi” field, the application of the methods of intensification and irrigation, the exploration of new potential fields. The project works of Mesozoic Strata of “Oil Rocks” and perspective “Guneshli” field were conducted with this active participation.

Yusif Khankishi oglu Karimov (1925-1995)
Yusif Khankishi oglu Karimov began to work as a driller assistant and actively participated in the discovery of “Oil Rocks”, “Kurgen-deniz”, “Qum adasi-deniz”, “Cenub” and other fields as a driller and later drilling foreman.
For the services, he was awarded “The Hero of Socialist Labor”, Order of Lenin, and “The award of Honor” (twice). Since 1960, he had presided over the enterprise dealing with drilling operations in the Baku archipelago fields and not only demonstrated his skills as an experienced drilling specialist, but also proved that he is competent in economy and in organizing.

Neftchi Gurban (1926-1994)
Gurban Abbasqulu oglu Abbasov, known as “Neftchi Gurban” (“Oilman Gurban”) among people, was the head of field with 9 benches, and had make the speed of each beach reached 1400 m. He is one of the first organizers of oil and gas production in the blue waters. He had special services in the use of semi-submersible floating drilling rig of “Shelf-1” type in the Caspian Sea. These equipments were able to work in the depth of 200 m in the sea, and helped to discover the field named after Kaverochken (now “Chirag ” field) and to conduct exploration operations in the deeper perspective structures. A production base of construction of offshore stationary bases was established and principally a new method of construction works of stationary bases in the deep parts of the Caspian was prepared under G.A.Abbasov’s direct leadership. He had unprecedented services in the discovery of “Guneshli”, “Chirag”, “Azeri”, “Kepez” and other large fields.

Cumshud Qulu oglu Ibrahimov (1929-1988)
C.Q.Ibrahimov played an important role in the discovery of “Guneshli”, “Chirag”, “Azeri”, “Kepez” and other fields.

Israfil Sami oglu Husseinov (1931-1986)
I.Husseinov brigade worked in the blue waters and handed over the well № 1531 69 days before it was planned for the first time in the practice of the country (2040 m). Commercial speed of the well was planned to be 290.5 m /bench-month, despite the norm was 369.9 they worked at the speed of 496.9 m/ bench month. This was a record indicator in slope drilling in Europe. Innovative drillers of Husseinov’s brigade tested and realized the mechanical holder of pipe-column pipe ax, different types of mechanical keys in the drilling operation, they achieved to increase the development level of production and to save diesel oil, as well as to ensure automatic work of diesels in the defined regime by using 10 power units to set the drilling pump in motion. The name of this outstanding drilling foreman is connected with the development of new oil region in the Caspian.

Ali Cabbar oglu Amirov (1915-1979)
In the 50s of the XX century, in a period when oil-gas production decreased, the development of “Qum adasi” oil and gas field was launched with the personal participation of Ali Amirov. Well №5, the development of which was impossible because of abnormally high pressure-dumb pressure in the field, was drilled under A.Amirov’s leadership. The well laid the foundation of the discovery of “Qum adasi” field by operating with high gas and gas condensate. This discovery restarted the revival of Azerbaijan oil industry. Later, the development of oil-gas fields, including “Bahar”, “Sengechal”, “Duvam-deniz”, “Bulla-deniz”, etc topped Azerbaijan oil industry and Ali Amirov had specific services in this area as well.

Qarash Ibrahim oglu Amirov (1926-1973)
In 1957, “Kurovdagh”, “Mishovdagh”, “Garabakhli”, “Kursingi” and other large oil fields were discovered with Qarash Amirov’s direct participation. Together with his brigade Qarash Amirov drilled 44 wells within 10 years, the total depth of which was 113.350 m. This means drilling more than 1000 m with one boring machine in a month. It was considered a record indicator for that period. As a result of such heroism and tense labor, crude oil production increased in the Shirvan region. In Azerbaijan, one third of oil was produced in Shirvan.

Rustam Aziz oglu Rustamov (1910-1960)
He was a well-known drilling foreman. The development of fields in the Ilich Bay, of offshore fields, of oil and gas deposits in Qum Island and Garadagh is connected with his name. For the first time in the country his brigade made use of heavy drilling wells in complex geological conditions and thus, managed to increase the speed of drilling operations.

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