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Gas fields


Azerbaijan is rich in gas deposits. Thus, the discovery of two large gas fields (“Shahdeniz” and “Umid”) shows that our country will be soon a great gas exporter.

“Shahdeniz” gas field
“Shahdeniz” is one of the largest gas fields in the world. Its contract area is about 859.8 cubic meters. 4.0-5.0 billion USD is required to realize the project. The development of this field will allow for melting domestic demand for gas and to export the gas in excess of demand for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan.
In 2006, a production platform was constructed in the contract area and the first gas was produced from the well in the platform in November this year. Now, there are 4 wells in the platform and one of them operates. Up to 280 million cubic meter of gas has been produced from the field until now.

“Umid” gas field
Initial calculating shows that, 200 million cubic meters of gas deposits has been discovered in the “Umid” field in the Caspian. The field is projected to bring profit worth 30-40 billion USD to the state bugdet.
The development of “Umid” field will increase gas potential in Azerbaijan. To note, exploration drilling operations were carried out in the structure in the early 80-90s of the past century. 9 wells were drilled with floating drilling rig. The exploration well is drilled in the “Umid-1” platform by SOCAR. “Umid” field is the second largest gas field after “Shahdeniz” for the volume of gas deposits among the gas fields discovered in the period of independency.

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