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Zeynal Alizadeh


Zeynal Alizadeh (1894)

Death history: is unknown
He is an author of the state coat of arms, military orders and medals and state stamp in the Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan. He had entered the Moscow Institute of Commerce in 1915. 
Zeynal Alizade took an active part in the competition announced by the Government of Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan in Mar 23, 1919 and Jan 30, 1920 regarding preparing of the projects of the coat of arms, stamp, military orders and medals. Building of the Parliament, flag, crescent, eight-pointed star, sunrise, flower garland were carved in badges and memory medals made on base of his project.
Among Azerbaijani youths sent by Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan for study in higher schools of the Russia and Europe in January 1920 was Zeynal Alizade. He is the only Azerbaijani that got high education at Bella Art Academy in Peruca city of the Italy 

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