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Khanlar Ahmedov


Khanlar Ahmedov (1946)

He graduated from  Azerbaijan State Art School named after A. Azimzade and the Moscow Institute of Arts named after Ostrovski. He is a participant of international exhibitions since 1968. He was elected as a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1975.
Khanlar Ahmedov mainly working in the field of equipment and monumental sculpture is an author of number of well-known monumental projects. His works have been demonstrated in France, Germany, Iran, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries. His number of different works distinguished by the originality and interest are kept in museums and private collections.
A series of works that reflect the tragedy of Khojaly were created by Khanlar Ahmedov. This kind of sculpture and graphic works are “Cry, Mother with baby, Burned woman, Father’s cry” can be mentioned as an example. He is an author of large scale bas-relief works installed in “Azadliq Avenue subway station. He also created historical monuments of Azerbaijan at foyer of the station. 
In 1976 he was awarded with Youth Award in Moscow, in 1982 with bronze medal at the All-union Agriculture exhibition. During 1995-96 years he was selected as “Humay award winner.

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