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Pinkhos Sabsay


Pinkhos Sabsay (1893-1980)

He is sculptor of the Soviet period. Graduated from Odessa Art College and the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. Be began the reaching activity at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1917 in Odessa.
In 1918 he created the portrait statues of Vladimir Lenin, Labor monumental bas-relief. Since 1928, began to teach at the Azerbaijan State Art School named after A. Azimzade. Two years later, the opening of his monument of Mirza Fatali Akhundov took place. Besides monumental statues in Baku, he also worked on bas-relief. In 1932 Sabsay creates the 22-meter height bas-relief of 55 figures named From sports to labor and defense. This work was located in the Sports Palace in Baku. In 1933 some bas-relief of his creature were placed at foyer of Workers’ Theatre. In 1937, the 12-meter height bas-relief of Sabsay dedicated to Baku oil workers “Drilling shock workers was opened.
His has such works as Oilman Kaverochkin, Painter S. Bahlulzadeh, Oil man Babayev, The writer Suleiman Rahimov, monumetal portrait for residence - museum of S. Vurgun etc.  Portrait of  A.S.Pushkin (Elegy) is one of his most perfect works.
He was Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan SSR (1959), People\'s Artist of the USSR (1973). Also, he was a real member of the USSR Academy of Arts (1947), 1 level Stalin prize laureate.

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