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Natiq Aliyev


Natiq Aliyev (1958)

He graduated from Azerbaijan State Art School named after A. Azimzade and St. Petersburg High Art School named after V. Mukhina. 
Sculptor of Aliaga Vahid created by him in 1990 can be considered as an event in sculpture art. Thus, description of the volume monument with the single portrait and depictions on image with picture were not found in Azerbaijani sculpture till this time.
The bronze monument to the great Romanian composer George Enesku was created by Natiq Aliyev. Sculptor had erected the monument of former President Heydar Aliyev in Kiev in 2004. He is also an author of bronze statue of well known Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdal in Kish village of Sheki.  
Memorial sculpture forms in the creation of Natiq Aliyev a large part. Among his such works created after 1987 and decorating various buildings of capital  following can be mentioned: memory boards of Mammad Said  Ordubadi (1987), Abdulla Shaig (1988), Khurshudbanu Natavan (1989), Jalil Mammadguluzade (1992), Lieutenant-General Hussein Rasulbeyov (1993), Afiyaddin Jalilov (1994), academic Latif Imanov (1995), Shevket Alekperov (1996), Ilyas Afandiyev (1997), Mirvarid Dilbazi (2004), Ali Tuda (2005), Jabir Novruz (2006), statesman Nasrulla Nasrullayev (2006) , Zeynal Jabbarzada (2007), as well as gravestones in Honorary graveyard to Ilyas Afandiyev (1996),Haqiqat Rzayeva (1998), Jabir Novruz (2003), Bashir Safaroglu (2005) and Osman Mirzayev (1992).
Natiq Aliyev was a winner of Youth Prize of the Soviet period (1989). In 2000, he was awarded with award of Union of Artists Sultan Mohammed. He also received an award of “Zirva’ founded by Ministry of Culture and Tourism for successes in the field of sculpture (2008).
Due to the success in Arts in 2002, he was given a title of Honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic, and in 2005 the honorary title of the People’s artist. He was elected as honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts in 2008, the Dostoynomu medal of the academy.
Natiq Aliyev teaches at the State University of Culture and Arts and the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. 

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