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Armpit drum



It is one type of drum, generally used in group of zourna, balaban and other instruments. Previously, the wolf-skin was covered on surface.
At present, armpit drum as the leading instrument in the ensemble and orchestra has the big role. Nagara (drum) is the Arabic word and means beating, bang. The instrument is played both by hand and fingers. In some examples of folklore it is also played with two light sticks. During the play double slap, tremolo, trel and flicking methods are used, too. In drum with very strong voice dynamics it is possible to get various timbre patterns. Played freely in the open air. In folk traditions, folk-game performances, as well as in dances like Jangi, Yalli and others armpit drum is used. Its fame is made of walnut, apricot, and various types of wood materials with cylindrical-shaped form, and the height is 350-360 mm, diameter is 300-310 mm. 

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