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Double drum



One of the most used percussion musical instruments in folk music. As is clear from its name, double drum consists of two small glass-shaped drums attached to one another. Sometimes it sis called as “qosha dumbul” (double drum).
This instrument was previously made from clay, and later wood and metal. Its surface was made of  camel, calf or goat skin and then fixed in body with metal fittings. By means of those fittings the tuning of the instrument is provided. The instrument is played with two wooden hammers but putting on special table.
As double drum is prepared individually, so it sizes vary. In most cases, the height is 300-330 mm, body’s diameter is 240-280 mm, and the smaller one is 110-140 mm. It sis used in national samples of folk music, as well as in orchestras and ensembles. Double drum with specific sound timbre is used rarely as solo instrument. 

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